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Frédéric Pedneault


Frédéric appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Frédéric Pedneault


Frédéric Pedneault is a true innovator, so it's no surprise that his company, Voltech, is rapidly expanding and catching the attention of global distributors. The Canadian company specializes in industrial and commercial lighting and is also at the forefront of sustainable solutions.

Frédéric came into the role in April 2020, and at first, he admits, there was a learning curve, as his background is pharmacology. But his strength also lies in building relationships and uniting people towards a common goal, skills that transcend any industry. With this foundation of communication and transparency, Frédéric quickly acclimated to his new environment, leading by example and supporting a truly team-led culture where communication is the foundation. “Sharing information is fundamental,” he says.

It’s that communication that allowed Frédéric to build not only a solid team, but solid strategies that have led to considerable growth for Voltech as well. Since becoming president of Voltech, Frédéric has substantially grown profit margins and the company's offerings to also include their own LED lighting brand. With its growth and streamlined sense of direction, Voltech plans to continue expanding throughout Canada. “We’ve built a solid sales team and a solid strategy,” Frédéric says. “We also make sure our customers share our values. We won’t work with those who don’t, and we’re not afraid to say that. We sell to make partnerships, not just to sell.” 

Those values form the basis of everything Frédéric and Voltech do. Their policy of honesty means they communicate with partners openly about strategies, while their focus on accountability means that everyone is encouraged to learn from mistakes. Their push for global success means they want their partners, not just themselves, to succeed. And finally, Frédéric knows a fun environment is a healthy one. All the while, Frédéric focuses on the vision of reaching ever-higher levels. “If my plate gets too full, I’ll hire someone on. That way I can work on the vision and not the details,” he says. That vision includes finding new and innovative ways to do things, one of Frédéric’s favorite aspects of his role. “We’re always looking at ways to improve and to get better on every single point.”


Frédéric Pedneault

President — Voltech



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