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Galit Ventura-Rozen

The Woman Behind the $1 Billion Commercial Real Estate Company

As the recipient of the 2020 Silver State Award for Entrepreneur of the Year and a real estate powerhouse recognized as the 2020 Top Commercial Real Estate Broker & Entrepreneur by Professional Organization of Women of Excellence, Galit Ventura-Rozen is an award-winning commercial real estate broker leading an award-winning commercial real estate firm. As if that weren’t impressive enough, as a rare female dominating the field and as founder of Las Vegas-based Commercial Professionals, LLC, she is a unique breed indeed. You might call her a unicorn—and an unstoppable one, at that.

Founded in 2000 by Galit, her father, Sam, and her brother Alon, Commercial Professionals is a family-run firm that specializes in commercial real estate in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas and serves clients and investors across the U.S. and internationally. With a primary specialization in off-market properties, they focus on multifamily, office, retail, and industrial investments as well as land and owner/user properties, serving both purchasers and sellers.

As a commercial real estate veteran who has dedicated her entire 25-year career to the field—and holds more awards than she can count—it is no surprise that Galit helped to launch a company that shot like a rocket out of its founding gates to capture accolades for top commissions and sales across the three-state region in just its first few years on the map. This woman knows her stuff—and her clients depend on it.

Galit points to their specialization in off-market properties and the unique perspective they provide—a combination of decades of experience, deep market knowledge, and intense due diligence—as the key to both the company’s success and that of their clients. Galit and her team work side-by-side with purchasers, and conduct thorough research to make sure the property meets their expectations. “We’re the company that will read every lease, look at every spreadsheet and profit and loss statement, and be knowledgeable in what’s happening in the area of the product you are purchasing,” she says.

For their sellers, Commercial Professionals offers expertise in off-market properties and a vast list of prequalified investors, a model that benefits both sides of the transaction. “Our sellers benefit because we can sell their property faster and at a better price, and our investors benefit because they’re getting first pick of high-quality properties with the opportunity to buy them before they hit the open market,” Galit explains.

Galit entered the industry armed with a business degree at just 22 years old as only one of a speck of women in the field. She started at the bottom and worked her way up, studying on her own to learn the intricacies of commercial real estate. “I had to make my own path. I would take time every day to research properties and learn about the market,” she shares. “I hadn’t even purchased my first home yet, but I was talking to clients about multimillion-dollar properties. Now I’m involved in selling $300 million projects.”

Now Galit leads a rich team of real estate and investment experts serving investors and clients across the globe with hundreds of transactions. Despite her astounding success, she is a humble leader who recognizes that she didn’t do it alone. “I’m only as strong as my team—which now includes my son, Leor,” she shares. “I am surrounded by brilliant, passionate people who are dedicated to our clients.”

Though two decades have passed, Galit has not forgotten those early days, sitting alone, buried in commercial real estate microfiche at the local library. She is on a mission to help women break into the field. She is past president of Commercial Real Estate Women, a national organization dedicated to this purpose. She runs a business coaching program to show women how to be successful in their business and works with residential agents on how to transition into the commercial field, and offers one-on-one training. Taught online to people across the country, Galit’s commercial coaching program allows licensed agents to learn the basics of the field in six to 12 months. “It’s not easy to get into this field. Many people must join a large company, work as part of a team, and then work their way up,” she says. “These are not generic, automated courses. I teach them through hands-on experience, walking them through each deal and sharing my knowledge.”

Galit’s talents don’t stop there. She is the author of The Successful Woman’s Mindset whose literary mastery has contributors clamoring to be part of her upcoming anthology and a sought-after speaker who—not surprisingly—won the 2019 TMG Entertainment Best of the Best Local Motivational Speaker Award. Galit is not only a unicorn—she is a unicorn with a heart of gold and the Midas touch.

The Family Legacy


Sam Ventura


Alon Ventura


Ron Ventura

Leor Rozen.jpeg

The foundation for Commercial Professionals and its family-oriented team was laid decades ago by Sam Ventura, Galit's father and first mentor, an immigrant who built a successful general contracting business and real estate investment portfolio.  Sam experienced his first taste of success in the eighties, after he moved to California and leveraged his craftsmanship as a carpenter to found what would become the largest kitchen cabinetry company on the West Coast. As his company grew, he began investing in land throughout Southern California and developing properties.

Not long after, Sam was introduced to Las Vegas and saw the potential for what was then just a small pit-stop town. He began purchasing land and properties throughout the expanding city, and, in 1987, moved there permanently. Since his arrival, Sam has personally developed over $1 billion in real estate, and bought and sold all classes of properties, including retail, industrial, multi-family, office, and his preferred niche, self-storage.

Being involved at such a young age, Galit understood the intricacies of development and investing, and while pursuing her degree at UNLV, she followed her passion and became a licensed real estate agent. As Galit continued to grow her business, her brothers, Alon and Ron, were traveling similar but unique entrepreneurial paths.

Alon, the eldest brother, found himself growing and working with Galit when starting his career in real estate. Realizing a similar passion for the industry, he obtained his license as an agent over 20 years ago, and ultimately pursued a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM) designation. Working in tandem with Galit to start Commercial Professionals, Alon brought decisive leadership and strong determination to push the company to grow and solidify relationships throughout the Las Vegas Valley and nationwide with multiple corporations and funds. With experience managing millions of square feet throughout his tenure as a broker, Alon moved to Minnesota to continue his work. He continues to work in Las Vegas, but has shifted his focus to work mostly with managing retail, office, and industrial space, as well as investment sales working directly with buyers and sellers. Alon now invests in real estate personally while managing the operations of a “friends and family” group of investors.

Ron, the youngest of this dynamic group of siblings, focused on educating himself on new technologies and their potential to greatly increase efficiency and convenience. Ron combined his lifelong passion for innovative tech and his education in business and finance with real estate, and after becoming a licensed agent, joined the company as the head of development working directly with Sam. Ron used his unique skill set to direct technology integration to help grow the development arm of the company. Along the way, he discovered his love for helping others find their “forever home,” and transitioned to residential real estate as the broker of the Nevada office of Allison James Estates. Working directly with clients, Ron has built a successful team that offers a uniquely focused and caring experience, as well as working with bank REOs to assist in the disposition of distressed assets.

After over 25 years in business together, Commercial Professionals has finally introduced its third generation—Galit’s oldest son, Leor Rozen. Like the rest of his family, Leor discovered his passion for real estate and development growing up, and pursued it throughout his time in higher education, receiving a degree in construction management at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. After working for a large general contractor and managing a variety of projects, Leor transitioned to the developer and broker side of the industry to continue the family business. Leor is currently pursuing his general contractor license and works in property acquisition to expand the company’s property development portfolio, as well as working as a broker, assisting investors in identifying and purchasing value-add and ground-up development opportunities.

It’s rare to find such a diversified group of professionals with unique skills to work together. It’s even more rare when that group is bound not only by blood, but by a passion that has allowed them to build a successful business that began at the hands of a patriarch determined to capture the American Dream.

Leor Rozen

Galit Ventura-Rozen


Commercial Professionals, LLC

Las Vegas, NV



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