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Garrett Caplin


Garrett Caplin spent eight years working for some of the largest financial institutions. Then, he switched gears. “When COVID hit, an opportunity to work in the healthcare space was presented to me, and I felt compelled to use my experience and knowledge to make an impact in the space,” he says. In 2021, Garrett joined Pulse Clinical Alliance as CEO. His financial acumen, strategic planning, and keen eye for numbers led him to solve key issues and accelerate record growth.


Pulse Clinical Alliance is a joint commission certified company focused on providing workforce and technology solutions for public and private healthcare systems. Having placed over 5,000 healthcare professionals, the company represents over 100 public and private healthcare systems across the country. Ranked number 453 on the list of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies 2022, Pulse Clinical Alliance has grown 1,850 percent in just2021 alone


In his role, Garrett helms the day-to-day operations, where he’s helped rebuild the entire infrastructure of the organization, growing it from just $1 million in revenue to $19.5 million last year, with projections close to around $35 million in 2022. “What I enjoy most is the positive stories that we hear from our clients and knowing that people were taken care of because we helped provide the nurses to care for them,” he shares.


Garrett holds a degree in mathematics from SUNY Albany. 


Garrett Caplin

CEO — Pulse Clinical Alliance





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