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Garry Rai


Garry Rai, founder of Zumin Inc., has always been a disruptor in the real estate industry. When he first joined the industry 15 years ago, he recognized that the traditional approach of prioritizing sales over customer experience was not the right way to go. 

In 2014, he set out to change the status quo by founding Zumin, a company that equips real estate professionals with everything they need to better serve their clients - from financing to legal to home improvement advice, products and innovative programs. Zumin is a one-stop-shop that turns the real estate brokerage and service industry on its head, taking real estate professionals to new heights of success in the process.

Garry has created a better experience for agents and homeowners alike by celebrating innovation and integrating solutions into their services. Zumin is a platform that challenges traditional ways of doing real estate across many sectors, with innovative programs that bring professionals together to do better for their clients and homeowners. 

Their problem-solving software, with uses for proptech, fintech, and construction tech, gives homeowners unbiased, tailored solutions while simultaneously benefiting agents and every stakeholder involved. They help realtors, contractors, investors, and speculators act in the best interest of buyer’s and seller’s, improving the entire experience at every level.


We sat down with Garry to learn more about Zumin and their “outside-the-box” solutions.


What compelled you to start the company?


We started as a real estate team at a leading brokerage in Ontario, but quickly realized our mindset and direction didn’t fit within the traditional franchise model.  We had to decide whether to make a pivot away from this, to create something that was wholesome, solution based, and prioritized encompassing the needs of clients.  The overall real estate landscape lacked this, and we wanted to disrupt that by generating programs to educate homeowners, buyers, and investors so that they were informed while making some the most important financial decisions of their lives.


Tell us about some of your new, innovative programs and how real estate agents can benefit from them.


With all the recent market changes, we feel we’ve achieved our goal of developing programs that concurrently allow more earning opportunities for realtors and better educate homeowners.  The market’s continuous evolution requires realtors to pivot to remain informed and relevant to their clients.  The programs we’ve developed facilitate that and allow real estate agents to earn more through cross-organizational initiatives. We have further implemented trademarked programs, such as Renovate Now, Pay Later™, that help alleviate the ongoing stress homeowners face when deciding if pre-sale renovations will bring a higher return on their investment. This is paired with our experienced and knowledgeable agents who can provide valuable advice on what improvements will be advantageous to the sale, current market demands, and a comprehensive review of recent sale trends. This program has proven to be prosperous for realtors by bringing them forward as industry specialists and helping them secure deeper and stronger client relationships. 


What do you enjoy most about your work, or what drives you?


My drive comes from finding and implementing the best solutions for our clients. The success is when our clients realize there are programs out there that will help them more than they ever imagined. Their stories are priceless, and when you’re able to make a difference in a person’s quality of life, there’s just no better way to measure the success of what we do, and why we do it.


The most important aspect of this is maintaining the integrity of our profession in everything we do. Buyers and sellers are all looking for the same thing, to work with informed professionals who will educate them in the process and help them find solutions supporting their individual needs. Everyone has a story, and every story is different. Cookie-cutter programs don’t work. This is what we do differently and what we want to share with realtors, so they can serve their clients well, with all the industry tools needed to drive success.



Garry Rai

Founder & CEO — Zumin Inc.




Instagram: @garry_rai1

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