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Gary Grant

In the pulsating heart of the financial world, where innovation meets necessity, Gary Grant stands as a symbol of hope for startups and fledgling fintech companies seeking their slice of the funding pie. As the founder and CEO of Adstrum Lending, Gary has woven together his expertise in finance and technology to create a groundbreaking platform that is reshaping the landscape of investment.

From his early days specializing in lending for housing markets and small to medium-sized businesses, to his tenure as a front-end UI developer for a fintech company, Gary has always fostered a deep-seated passion for helping others succeed. In a pivotal moment of introspection, he wondered how he might amalgamate his diverse experiences into something extraordinary. That moment led to the creation of Adstrum, a platform driven by Gary's fervent desire to leverage his knowledge and influence for the benefit of others. "I've always harbored an innate passion for success and seeing others thrive," Gary reflects. "Witnessing remarkable companies making strides towards their goals fueled my desire to contribute to their success stories. I want these founders to achieve their visions as much as they do."

Knowing the challenges faced by fintech startups in accessing capital and how traditional funding channels were ill-suited for the unique needs of these companies, Gary saw an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and provide a tailored solutions that took delays in development, scalability issues, and regulatory barriers out of the equation. "Adstrum was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between fintech startups and investors," Gary explains. "We recognized the need for a faster, simpler, and more efficient funding process that aligns with the vision and goals of emerging technology companies."

Thus, Adstrum Lending was unleashed, offering a peer-to-peer and alternative investment platform designed specifically for fintechs seeking to develop transformative technologies. By connecting startups with industry-specific investors who possess firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within their respective sectors, Adstrum is revolutionizing the way capital is raised in the fintech ecosystem. "Our platform is more than just a funding mechanism; it's a catalyst for growth and innovation," Gary emphasizes. "We're empowering startups to accelerate their development cycles, forge strategic partnerships, and achieve sustainable profitability."

In essence, Gary's goals are not just about building a business; rather, they are a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose. "My standard is uncompromising," Gary asserts. "For me, excellence begins where others max out. It's a mindset instilled in me by my parents, who imparted in us the value of seizing every opportunity and making the most of it." Now, through Adstrum, Gary continues to channel his unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide, ensuring that every opportunity is seized and every vision realized.


Gary Grant

Founder and CEO

Adstrum Lending


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