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Gary J. Gallen

As founder and CEO of rradar, Gary Gallen is the legal pioneer behind a novel law firm committed to empowering and educating businesses through smarter legal services. They are a business with a purpose—to make a social impact and to create a better future by helping people. Based in the U.K., and serving clients globally, they are an outlier among legal firms, operating at an intersection between the legal world, technology world, and risk management world, and using technology and education as a way of bringing these things together to work with clients in a completely new way. “The way things are done has to change, and that is what rradar is all about. Lawyers are still practicing old doctrine that doesn’t match with the way things are done today. It took me 30 years in this profession to go back and fix things the old way—faster, efficiently, and more affordably,” he explains.

Gary is a litigation specialist with over three decades of experience who has seen human nature at its worst, dealing with prosecutions, investigations, and defense work around the world. After nearly 20 years working as an attorney for international legal behemoths, he grew frustrated with the realization that firms were helping people after things had already gone wrong. In 2012, he took that insight and founded rradar as a proactive business to educate and to show people how to avoid troubles in the first place.

He and his team of 130 solicitors, legal advisors, IT and in-house developers, design and media specialists serve as powerful advocates and champions for businesses, providing legal representation and advisory services, digital legal educational tools, and business solutions to help them to navigate and evolve in an ever-changing environment of regulation, compliance, and litigation risk. “If you can help people by educating, it is everything. You’re better if you help other people, and if people know how to do things, they can tackle bigger issues and do more.”

Gary J. Gallen

Founder and CEO — rradar

United Kingdom

LinkedIn: Gary J. Gallen

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