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Gary Jackson

For Gary Jackson, vice president of Asia Pacific for software security company Tenable Inc., there is no stopping or end on the path to success—even at the top. From both a professional and personal point of view, Gary’s governing philosophy for risk vulnerability management and his own life is to “Find the right hill to climb, go climb it without settling for average, then go find the next challenging hill.” Tenable Inc., exhibits an outstanding ability to help enterprise companies identify where they may be at risk in their potential cyber exposure; by enabling organizations to see all their assets, predict what matters most, and act on the information to address the risk. Their software is installed in significant large enterprises globally, with substantial presence in Australia and New Zealand.


Publicly listed on Nasdaq, Tenable Inc; (headquartered on the East coast of the United States) is focused on risk-based vulnerability management and is seeing excellent growth as the market demands increase. Their software has earned the rating of number one in this marketspace.


Gary has been with Tenable since 2015, running the Asia Pacific branch from China to Australia, Japan to India, and everything in between, explaining, selling, and supporting their solutions to large enterprises in most vertical industries such as financial services and state and federal governments. Execution of this heavy breadth of responsibilities has been made possible through operations in every country, excellent sales and support marketing, and Gary’s own experience and expertise.


After spending 5 years running Aruba Networks, a now well-known Wi-Fi company acquired by Hewlett Packard, he spent 5.5 years at Cisco. Overall, he has been in this field for a grand total of 42 years—a lengthy span wherein the industry has drastically changed. He began as a design engineer with an electronics engineering and math degree. When he entered the field in the 1970’s, the industry was extremely different from today. There were no integrated circuits, no internet, no Microsoft, no Cisco…and definitely no social media. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, the ability to communicate was very minimal, hardware-oriented, and limited to low speed networks. He has been in the industry ever since, watching and experiencing every facet of the internet evolve and grow into what it is today.


Today, he runs one of the most successful and trusted companies in the risk vulnerability management focus area of the industry. Attached to this reputable brand name, which he has built, is a mighty global support team and sales team which echo inspiration from Gary’s own mantras. He exclaims, “You have to be the best version of you, every day, to do well. No compromise, and that takes a lot of intense focus.” His attitude of putting his best foot forward every day attracts more likeminded people to the practice, raising the bar even higher with each new member brought onto the team. “Team quality matters, and you must lead from the front. Create the attitude and culture that attract and keeps the best.”



Gary Jackson

Vice President Asia Pacific
Tenable Inc.




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