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GB Cazes, MBA

Partnerships. Community. People. Problem-solving. These are the ideals that Emory Solutions was built upon. Emory Solutions is a leading technology partner that delivers custom software and data solutions for small- and medium-sized companies. Headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, Emory’s experienced team serves a growing number of clients across America’s Heartland. 

Emory Solutions takes a “people first” approach when partnering with its clients. “Every business has challenges and we solve them by listening to and investing in our clients so that we’re able to truly understand their needs and provide solutions to ensure they achieve their goals,” GB shares. Emory also has a well-defined methodology it follows when working with clients. This methodology not only identifies root critical issues, but also ensures that we deliver solutions on time and on budget.  “Delivering a positive ROI on all projects is very important to Emory and our clients,” says GB.

And they couldn’t be in better hands. With over two decades of experience, GB is a technologist and Arkansas Power Player with a passion for helping businesses tackle their most pressing challenges. He’s built a cyber research park in Northwest Louisiana and the national model for cyber education. He’s also been named to the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce’s 40 Under 40, the National Leadership Cohort, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education K-12 Working Group, and the Arkansas Military Affairs Council.

“I’ve watched many tech companies lose sight of what’s important— people. They focus so much on tech, but that’s just a tool,” he states. “We focus on the people, whether employees or the people we partner with. When we automate processes, it’s not to reduce jobs, it’s to allow people with limited resources to focus on higher-impact and higher-value opportunities.” As the hands-on CEO of Emory, GB specializes in strategic planning, talent development, corporate growth, and digital transformation, working with community and corporate leaders on designing and implementing strategies to help build stronger technology ecosystems through tech talent development, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. “I wanted to build a company that not only helps the companies we serve, but also the communities in which we operate, he says. “Helping people and our clients grow is what drives me every day.”

GB Cazes, MBA

Founder & CEO — Emory Solutions, LLC