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Sara Arbabha

Inspired by the alluring image of the majestic Mediterranean, Gemma Azzurro is a line of luxury silver jewelry founded by Persian designer Sara Arbabha. Referring to the Mediterranean Sea, “Gemma Azzurro” means “blue gem,” which speaks to the shimmering shades that are ever-present in the branding, from the product packaging to the actual pieces themselves. The enchanting aesthetic of the ocean lends itself to the unique look and feel of the entire collection, which is anchored by hues of blue and white that are reminiscent of a summer vacation on the sandy shores of Saint-Tropez. Her signature “Evil Eye” line features this protective talisman, a universal symbol that has always been part of her culture. “Growing up, we’d hang them for good luck, so when I saw the trend emerge in the U.S., I wanted to create a line of jewelry around this,” Sara shares.

With a master’s degree in psychology and no background in the jewelry business, Sara started Gemma Azzurro in 2014. “It was one of those things that happened accidentally,” she explains. The timing was perfect, and through Instagram, her line took off. What started as a hobby-turned-side-business has since grown into a thriving enterprise with a global reach and interest from both national and international buyers. Today, Sara’s distinctive designs enriched with bespoke details can be found in TJ Maxx and small boutiques across the U.S.

While Sara focuses on managing this successful one-woman business that she singlehandedly built, her passion for design and seemingly limitless creativity remain as alive as ever—as does her personal attention to her customers, for whom she goes above and beyond. Gemma Azzurro’s mounting compliments from delighted, gem-adorned consumers across the globe stand as testament to that. “I love hearing all the positive feedback from people, and seeing how happy they are with not only my jewelry, but our customer service,” Sara says. “This is what really drives me.” Eight years ago, she founded the brand with an essence that “makes people want to travel.” Little did Sara know that one day her elegant bejeweled “eyes” would themselves travel to spread joy and beauty the world over.

Sara Arbabha

Founder & Designer — Gemma Azzurro



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