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Genéne Kleppe

Genéne Kleppe is the founder and CEO of Digital Twinning Australia, an industrial automation company specialising in opening-up siloed legacy data to create valuable corporate digital assets. Under her direction, platforms are rebuilt from pre-existing technologies, and operating data is brought into a static 3D models resulting in strategic level synchronizing digital twinning ─ converging information and operational technologies focused on reducing the cost to delivery. Digital Twinning Australia’s priority is converting data into recognisable digital assets, building additional balance sheet value for its customers.

Synchronized digital twinning is genderless and non-disciplined. To raise awareness and get more young people interested in STEM plus initiate a new middle-class workforce, Genéne teamed-up with a girls’ school to twin their new building around the renewable energy system. The demonstration site allowed pupils, teachers, and the local community:  To see what a strategic digital twin looks like; to influence curriculum change; and put smart tech in the hands of children so they can teach us how to help them understand the technology future they face. “My priority is to build a more robust secondary and tertiary labour force,” says Genéne.

Although they are not the only ones in the field, Digital Twinning Australia is one of the few working on solving modern-day issues. “Asset lifecycles are now shorter; we don’t have bridges built for 100 years anymore; we’ve become more of a disposable society. We even have to get returns on investment faster,” Genéne explains. Fortunately, she and her team have proven that a synchronizing digital twin does reduce the time it takes to pay back capital investments, reduce operating expense and enable strategic agility.

As Digital Twinning Australia’s CEO, Genéne’s primary responsibilities are to lead, inspire, and enable profitability while as a citizen she is accountable for advancing better places and use of space. She is project-focused and is always busy working out what the future will look like, what skills are required, and how an organisation’s systems and architecture can work smarter to make life easier. In fact, two years ago, it was she who put the company into research and development to prove they could use common technology to create digital twins.  For customers this has resulted in a low-cost Industry 4.0 entry pathway.

Prior to founding her own company, Genéne earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a graduate diploma in organizational psychology. Then after a few years in workforce an MBA. She has had an extensive career in heavy assets working across finance, engineering, human resources, and organizational culture. Genéne was the first professional woman employed on a mine-site for a major global miner, and she played an active role in reframing mining industrial relations and the Australian wool industry.   Genéne argues that her extra-ordinary eclectic career has been instrumental in affording her the ability to translate complexity to simplicity, due to this exposure and strategic level experience connecting enterprise and business architectures.

Most recently, she was proven that synchronized digital twinning enables a global pandemic’s new normal, the shift from “fly in-out” to “remote in-out” ─ allowing families and communities to remain connected and employed via something other than just graphs, spreadsheets, and video conference.  “To do a great job, people need to see and ‘touch’ their systems, machinery, and work processes…so let’s give it to them so they can be great” Genéne is often heard asserting.

In recognition of her many achievements as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, Genéne has received the following honors:

  • Finalist – Consult Australia Technological Innovation [Highly Commended]

  • Finalist – SACOME Exceptional Woman in Resources

  • Finalist – Women in Resources National Technological Innovation Award

  • Finalist – Winnovation Awards

  • Finalist – The South Australian Premier’s Awards in Energy & Mining

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management


Genéne Kleppe

Founder and CEO

Digital Twinning Australia


Twitter: @digitaltwinaus


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