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Genaro Diaz Lozano

Best-selling author Simon Sinek once said that truly effective and inspiring leaders are not actually driven to lead people—they are driven to serve them. Such is the case with Genaro Diaz Lozano, a passionate real estate expert and entrepreneur who loves his work and leads with purpose. With more than 20 years of experience in financial services and multifamily real estate, he uses his extensive knowledge and expertise to create dignified communities while bringing strong financial returns to his investors.


As founder and CEO of GDL Investment Group, LLC, Genaro assembles management teams and oversees the originations, acquisitions, and operations of both the company and GreenWater Investments portfolios. GDL is an asset manager and general partner of multiple real estate portfolios, which currently contain 13 properties with 2,773 units. Additionally, GDL’s investment experts have over $1 billion dollars in executed transactions, and based upon project level returns, the company has averaged 25%+ IRRs on exits and a 1.7x in equity multiples—all within an average three-year holding period. The company previously operated in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and it is currently raising capital for the acquisition of multifamily assets in Arizona.


For more than a decade, Genaro has dedicated his time to transforming predominately Hispanic areas with safety concerns into respected communities where individuals and families can thrive. By providing safe housing, modern amenities, fun activities, lush landscaping, and superior customer service, he has strengthened numerous communities, which are grateful for his commitment to making a positive impact. In fact, he has been featured in well-known publications such as El Nuevo Herald and Voyage Dallas in acknowledgement of his heroic efforts. In the latest headlines, Genaro announced an exciting new project, the Aspen Wildlife Foundation, which will focus on improving the environment by protecting and preserving wildlife in Colorado.

Although Genaro is undeniably successful, his extraordinary accomplishments did not come easily. In the 1990s, the Mexico City native made the difficult decision to leave his home country in pursuit of a place that could provide him with greater opportunities. So, against his family’s advice and without any financial support, Genaro set out on his journey to the United States.

Long after his arrival in America, Genaro continued to face obstacles while working toward his goals. He spoke very little English, he had no friends or connections, and he did not understand the systems that were in place. But with his rebellious spirit and determination driving him, Genaro not only embraced the challenges along the way, but learned and grew from them. “Looking back, I know the difficult times taught me the most valuable lessons and guided me toward the path to success,” he says.


Finally, after four long years of hard work, Genaro began to see the glimmer of light at the end of tunnel. He officially became an entrepreneur at the launch of his first business, an authentic Mexican taqueria. In less than two years from the day the restaurant opened its doors, it was a hit, and hungry customers were packing the place every night of the week.


All was going well until 2008 when the global financial crisis almost brought down the world’s financial system. Within months, Genaro once again found himself destitute, but this time it was worse. He now had a family to care for and multiple expenses hanging over his head, but he refused to accept defeat. Instead, he practiced patience and learned how to believe in himself. Genaro knew that he would need to be more creative than ever to develop a new business model. So, he took out a loan, and after raising enough capital, he began a new venture in multifamily real estate.

Once he was back on his feet, Genaro vowed to never focus on the revenue of his company, but to lead with purpose. He was passionate about becoming the best in the industry and making a difference in the world by creating dignified communities. He paid close attention to the tenants of his properties as well as their individual needs, and with the majority of his residents being Hispanic, he wanted to give them the homes they deserved for the many contributions they made toward building America. From irrigation systems to lighting and landscaping to the little features inside that truly define “home,” Genaro doesn’t define improvements based solely upon the monetary return on investments, but on the priceless metric of quality of life. “I tell people, ‘You will see that it paid off later, and these investments will have a huge impact on the economy,’” he says. “The magic will come.”

Genaro has never thought of success as just buying, remodeling, and selling. Instead, he defines success as being able to work with cities, police departments, and fire stations to transform downtrodden areas into safe, bright, beautiful communities. As a result of his vision and commitment to leading with purpose, Genaro’s properties were soon full, and the revenue followed. “It’s not just about building a property, but maintaining it. After we’ve completed a new property or rehabbed a building and the community, the residents say, ‘Thank you. We were living in a crime-riddled place, we couldn’t walk outside,’” he says. “When the pandemic hit, even more families wanted to move into our communities,” he explains. “The parents and children were living in small units, and they desperately needed more space while social distancing.” Such situations are why Genaro is determined to keep building great communities where people can feel safe and happy. “People really appreciate what we do for them, and that’s the reason we keep doing what we do,” he says. “If you do good things, you won’t need to worry about money because the reward will always follow.”


Genaro is a graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City where he earned a Bachelor of Laws degree.



Genaro Diaz Lozano

Chief Executive Officer

Aspen Gediloz, LLC and GDL Investment Group, LLC


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