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George Blount

With more than 20 years as a seasoned financial services professional, George Blount has assumed several roles in sales, sales management, project management, strategy, and research. As a result of his work experience and post-secondary education, he has obtained a wealth of knowledge in financial planning, retirement planning, behavior sciences, decision-making, analytics, and strategy. Today, George is a financial therapist and a managing partner at nBalance Financial headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he works with individuals on financial matters but with a special focus on the emotional, behavioral, and psychological elements that impact their financial decisions.

Founded in 2018, nBalance Financial serves the greater New England area as well as corporate clients in the New York region. Their short-term financial therapy process helps individuals to avoid financial distress throughout their lives. George explains, “The reason why this is necessary is because there is no defined theory for creating wealth. During the 16th century, when most economic theories were created, the concept of someone creating wealth on their own didn’t exist.” Therefore, most people today either have access to good information, or they do not. Unfortunately, a lot of people work their entire lives to save for a down payment on a house without ever receiving proper financial information before their children move away from home.” To prevent these types of situations, financial therapy does not focus on products to get people to a certain place. Instead, it guides them toward making the right decisions.


Due to the misconception that financial therapy is only for people of color or for first-generation immigrants who are less likely to have access to financial information, George stresses that it is meant for everyone within every demographic. In fact, he chose to specialize in retirement plans because they are non-discriminant. He helps companies set up 401k plans, a niche within retirement plan services. George then uses financial therapy as part of the education provided to the participants of the 401k plan. This is where the balance is unique within the financial therapy space as well as within retirement planning.


Before starting nBalance Financial, George worked in the retirement plan services industry where he served in several roles including internal sales manager, manager of research and strategy, and business lead of project management. Prior to 2003, he worked in the financial services industry as a registered investment adviser (RIA), investment advisor representative (IAR), trader, and financial advisor.

George is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree, and he is also an alumnus of Walden University where he received a Master of Business Administration degree. Today, he is a board member of Generations Incorporated, which supports literacy programs for elementary school children, and he is on the business development committee of the Financial Therapy Association, which provides information about financial therapy as well as a directory of its members across the U.S. In 2015, George also served on the financial literacy task force for the state treasurer of Massachusetts.


George Blount

Managing Partner

nBalance Financial

745 Atlantic Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02110



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