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As the cofounder and CEO of Pace Glass Recycling, George Valiotis explains that while his business may be considered a small company, they have very big ambitions.

Pace Glass Recycling is a technologically advanced glass recycling company that was founded in 2013.  They strictly follow a recover and recycle objective by recovering mixed glass commonly found in household waste, cleaning and processing it, and then selling it to companies to be further recycled and made into new products.  The company has quickly become a pioneer in the glass recycling industry, servicing large publicly traded companies throughout the northeast including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

As the founder and CEO of Pace Glass Recycling, George oversees plant management, collaborates with current and potential clients regarding the current and future demands of recycled glass and also works closely with financers and investors. He also has an important role working with local cities and towns to initiate the transfer of glass from landfills and other waste areas to be recycled and entered back into the market to be used for new products.

George graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering and then went on to receive an MBA in financial management from Pace University. After graduating from college, George began working for his family’s real estate firm, Alma Realty, as the head of acquisitions and development. In that role he successfully managed the acquisition of over one billion dollars’ worth of distressed property and real estate in NY and NJ.

In 2013, one of the distressed properties that he acquired was an existing glass recycling facility in Jersey City. Under George’s innovative planning and supervision, a new, state of the art glass recycling facility was built on the site. Shortly thereafter, an additional site was purchased and built in Hanover, NJ and the business has been in full operation since 2016. This successful project became George’s full-time career and lifelong passion.

Today, there is an immense demand for recycled glass in the industrial market and a great need to properly dispose of recycled glass in United States; as a result Pace Glass Recycling has grown exponentially.  Under George’s elite management and direction, this small startup went from operating in a small facility in Jersey City to one of the largest glass recycling companies in the nation.

George adds that Pace Glass Recycling has set an ambitious 10 year goal to become the leading glass recycling company in the world.  They recently received a congressional award for recycling - which proves that they are on their way to meeting, if not exceeding, their goal.

George Valiotis

CEO and Co-Founder of Pace Glass Recycling

31-10 37th Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101

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