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Georgie appears in the

Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine.

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Georgie Asfoura


With a master's from Vanderbilt University, a law degree from Ohio State, and an Ohio real estate license, Georgie Asfoura is the founder and CEO Georgette Properties, LLC. Launched in July 2020, the firm creates opportunities for individuals to invest in residential real estate by acquiring, improving, and managing value-add properties in central Ohio. From start to finish, Georgie and her team of experts manage the entire process—identifying the property, securing investor funding, and overseeing the capital improvements—so that investors can receive passive income with ease. From fundraising and communicating with investors, to negotiating property purchases, and collaborating with design professionals to develop new housing units, Georgie leads this thriving firm with her finger on the pulse of each project.

Why would this law school graduate pursue this kind of real estate career? Georgie’s path to Georgette Properties began before the idea for the company ever emerged. For years before law school, Georgie worked in community development. Her work focused on housing and residential operations—managing a women’s shelter, organizing support for zoning and land use issues, and overseeing a residential community and neighborhood relations programs as a director at Georgetown University. Her knowledge and experience in housing converged with her legal training to catalyze the launch of Georgette Properties.

“I chose this path instead of practicing law traditionally, because I believe in the mission of using investing as a tool to reimagine housing options, especially in central Ohio, where the market is growing increasingly tighter. There’s a need to strategically design investment opportunities around principles of equity and access so that all community members can participate fully,” Georgie explains.

Georgie is particularly excited about the company’s latest development project—exploring possibilities of how to alter traditional building design and materials to present housing options that could make homeownership more easily attainable for people at every income level.

Georgie Asfoura

Founder & CEO — Georgette Properties, LLC





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