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Georgios Kabitoglou

As an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and advisor, Georgios Kabitoglou is truly a “jack of all trades.” He has extensive knowledge of many industries ranging from semiconductors, telecommunications, consumer electronics, sanitary, oil & gas and private equity. Throughout his 20-year career as an executive, he supported stock-listed, family-owned, and private equity-owned companies on every continent and successfully increased top and bottom-line results on a global scale. Today, Georgios’ mission is to shape the technology industry by leading both small and large organizations through performance transformations into commercially driven, sustainable business models.

Georgios’ core specialties are sales, marketing and in general the commercialization process of a company while his secondary specialties are organizational development and transformation. Currently acting as an independent senior advisor for Hannover Finanz Gmbh, a private equity company in Germany, he focuses on sales, transformation, mergers and acquisitions. Georgios  also serves as an advisory board member for three companies: Dresslife, a technology startup based out of Dellaware/Hannover that develops an AI based fashion recommendation engine which will revolutionize fashion e-commerce; Moeschter Group, an advanced ceramics and thermal insulation manufacturer based out of Dortmund, Germany; and Cosmatos Group, a shipping, forwarding and logistics services company based out of Thessaloniki, Greece.

In addition to advising, Georgios also takes on individual assignments as an independent contractor with a focus on sales transformation, M&A and turnaround. As an entrepreneur, he drives growth and innovation in various companies and is often the seed investor in start-ups. Although his projects are predominately in Germany and Greece, Georgios has extensive global experience and is proficient in a vast geographical scope.

In fact, no matter the location or size of the company Georgios is leading, he is always described as an “enthusiastic entrepreneur” with a “progressive and people-oriented leadership style.” According to Georgios, what sets him apart from others in the industry is his ability to work well in a dynamic environment with strong growth or with problem situations. He describes himself as “an intercultural digital native” who “thrives in the global terrain.”

In years past, Georgios’ career has been mostly in sales and general management. He started his career in license management and in the semiconductor industry and then moved into telecommunications for 13 years in various sales positions. He later worked in a consumer electronic manufacturing company for a while before eventually deciding to accept a position as a board member for an oil and gas related supply company that specialized in explosion-proof electronics. Georgios’ most recent position before becoming self-employed was in 2016 when he became an Executive Committee member for Oras Group, a sanitary equipment company headquartered in Finland.

Georgios is a graduate of Technical University Munich where he studied electrical engineering and earned a Master of Science degree. Today, he continues to honor his alma mater by volunteering on campus as a coach and mentor to students.


Georgios Kabitoglou

Executive / Board / Investor / Advisor

Innere Wiener Strasse 30

81667 Munich, Germany



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