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Gerardo Hernandez

Gerardo Hernandez is an attorney with Raimondo & Associates, a boutique employment law firm specializing in a variety of employment related issues. Based in Fresno, California, the growing practice focuses on small and mid-sized companies, represents family-owned businesses, has a large presence in the agricultural sector, and has recently branched out into corporate transactional and bankruptcy areas. They handle complex class-action wage and hour litigation, Title VII/FEHA related harassment and discrimination cases, labor law issues, and the defense of various state and federal administrative matters.

Gerardo specializes in representing businesses in a range of complicated legal matters, with particular focus on minority and immigrant-owned companies. As the son of immigrant parents who grew up in a small business, he genuinely cares about his clients. “I know the personal struggles they go through. My purpose as an attorney is to help them navigate complex legal matters and, on some occasions, save my clients’ businesses,” Gerardo shares.

Gerardo joined Raimondo & Associates six years ago, and his passion for, and personal relationships with, his clients has led to a tripling of his business in the last year alone. From defending against crippling class action ligation, to defending against overbearing litigation on the part of federal and state government agencies, Gerado’s mission is to save his clients’ businesses and to generate trust through honest communication. “Many of these cases are bankruptcy-type scenarios, and my clients are in a ‘make it or break it’ situation, so I have to give them the honest truth and be creative in how I approach and resolve cases to get them out of a difficult situation to be able to continue to operate,” he says.

Since its inception, Raimondo & Associates has seen tremendous growth, growing its practice from three attorneys to seven attorneys in order to serve a swelling client base. Gerardo attributes Raimondo & Associates’ growth largely to their founding principle - provide an excellent service for a reasonable price.

Committed to furthering the development of small businesses, Gerardo serves as vice-chairman of the board of the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides technical, financial and educational assistance to small business throughout the California Central Valley.


Gerardo Hernandez

Attorney — Raimondo & Associates

7110 N. Marks Ave., Suite 104

Fresno, CA 93711

Mailing: P.O. Box 28100, Fresno, CA 93729

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