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Gerry Menard

A business-driven, results-oriented entrepreneur, Gerry Menard has a passion for helping companies by implementing advanced recruitment techniques. After working for two years as a partner at his best friend’s recruiting company, his love for the industry compelled him to start his own agency. In April 2020, Gerry launched Montreal-based Spartanium—a recruitment firm that specializes in placing high-quality professionals to meet the needs of businesses in construction, insurance, accounting, finance, law, and many other fields. With a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses of 50 employees and up, Spartanium serves clients across Quebec and is currently expanding into Ontario and British Columbia, and looking toward implementing advanced recruitment techniques to further broaden their offerings. As the firm’s motto says, it handles “everything from candidate vetting to interview prep to placement.”

Despite being launched at the onset of COVID, Spartanium has seen impressive growth—no doubt the result of the firm’s tailor-made solutions adapted to each client’s organizational, cultural, and economic challenges. Guided by the constant objective to add value, performance, and synergy, Gerry and his team seek out high-level candidates to meet the needs of the business and connect companies with the right framework for particularly demanding positions. Spartanium also uses social networks to expand its relationships around the world, identifying professionals with rare skill sets and specializations as candidates for new, exciting positions in which their careers can flourish.


Prior to his current role, Gerry served for nearly seven years as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces while simultaneously earning a bachelor’s degree in literature and politics. “As a military officer, I promoted the values of Canada, but work is at least a quarter of our lives, so I wanted to do something meaningful and that I enjoyed,” he says. That is why Gerry ensures that everyone at Spartanium remembers the letter “C,” which stands for the candidate and the client, as they are at the core of everything the company does.




Gerry Menard






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