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Gidi Cohen

Gidi Cohen knows all about actualizing dreams, as well as how to create something that can be cherished for generations to come. To make that happen as CEO of CGI+, a multifamily and mixed-use real estate investment and development firm based in Los Angeles, Gidi Cohen uses his considerable skills in bringing together the perfect elements to craft both new-build and rehab projects that are beautiful, functional, and timeless.


CGI+ focuses on properties with 200 or more units that reflect modern living while paying homage to the history and culture of their cities. His team researches the architectural heritage of locations so that even a new building will blend seamlessly into the established landscape. “If you’re building something, it has to tell a story,” Gidi Cohen explains. “We’re changing the landscape in major cities, and I take this responsibility very seriously and personally as a developer.”

This artistic approach is integral to CGI+’s company culture, celebrating collaboration and every member’s creative ideas while looking within to grow rather than simply competing with other firms. “We want people who understand the vision and deliver results while being mindful of the emotional experience, which is important to remember in the residential space,” he explains. For Gidi Cohen and CGI+, the most important things are the people, the vision, and the legacy. “You can measure success in different ways, but I look at the kind of leaders we’re creating in the company,” he says. “I believe in empowering people to build a better brand.”

Building a great brand alongside great homes is something Gidi Cohen has mastered with a combination of rigorous practice as well as the humility to listen and learn from his colleagues. CGI+’s sparkling reputation in the industry is proof of that. “The sky's the limit if you put in the effort,” he says. “The biggest success is having a vision, a dream, and being able to fulfill it.”


Gidi Cohen