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Gilad Tamir


Gilad Tamir studied structural and geotechnical engineering. After graduating, he worked on construction projects ranging from heavy civil tunneling to high-rise residential and commercial, and everything in between, to get a full understanding of the construction process and everything that goes into it. His ultimate goal was to start his own company executing and designing buildings. Today, he’s achieved that goal with Greenline Real Estate, where he serves as managing partner. He sources and negotiates deals, and is involved with all aspects of design, marketing, and construction. His extensive construction knowledge allows him to make decisions that are not only sustainable, but that incorporate the existing character of the neighborhoods. “We don’t want to change an area’s look and feel by building modern style monstrosities that commercializes the area,” he explains. “We want to keep the charm and elegance and build upon it. We keep our design aligned with the culture of the community while fulfilling its residential needs.”


Adam Greenberg

Adam Greenberg studied economics and business administration, but found, while working in the hedge fund world, that there was a disconnect between the real economy and the stock market. He felt real estate would allow him to have a better and more immediate impact on the deals being made. Today, as managing partner with Greenline Real Estate, Adam takes charge of the finance side of things, researching markets for strategic, beneficial choices, as well as underwriting deals and preparing materials for investors. He also manages the fundraising and investor reporting. In addition, Adam’s research into neighborhoods has been spot-on, so he and Gilad have gotten to see the neighborhoods grow. Adam maintains Greenline’s dedication to full transparency when it comes to investors, letting them know the details and potential risks to ensure a great fit. “Our approach is working, and we have a lot of interested investors, and we’re seeing the same investors coming back because they’re happy with the transparency, reporting, and continuous communication,” he says. “One of our big things is maintaining those relationships and keeping the trust present.”

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Gilad Tamir and Adam Greenberg

Greenline Real Estate, headed by partners Gilad Tamir and Adam Greenberg, is a bicoastal residential real estate development firm focused on hip, progressive neighborhoods in Brooklyn and San Diego, building sustainable homes for young professionals as well as affordable housing, all while maintaining the original character and culture of the neighborhoods they work in. And they do it all with a uniquely environmental focus. Greenline puts an emphasis on using the most efficient, environmentally friendly recycled and reused materials, particularly in the insulation and exterior of buildings. They also work with salvaged materials from demolition sites, and even the wood supports from warehouses, which are upcycled into doors, cladding for ceilings, and artistic design for amenity spaces. Ultimately, their goal is to build self-sustaining homes in urban areas.


Adam and Gilad take the time to track growth trends in neighborhoods, all while maintaining transparent and open relationships with investors. This openness, along with the environmental factor, is one of the pillars of Greenline’s ethos, and it’s setting them apart from other firms. Today, they’re doing considerable work in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint and San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhoods, which saw growth even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and researching underserved areas that need better housing suppliers.

Gilad Tamir & Adam Greenberg

Managing Partners — Greenline Real Estate



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