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Gilda Alvarez

Gilda Alvarez, the CEO and founder of Waveform Data Solutions, has embarked on a profound odyssey of empowerment and metamorphosis within the intricate realm of data science. Her extensive experience, spanning over two decades, includes a mastery of highly sought-after skills such as AZURE data solutions, data migrations and optimization, and Microsoft SQL Server support.


Gilda's meteoric rise was built upon an arsenal of knowledge and determination, but her journey was not without challenges. Venturing into the corporate world, working for several prestigious Fortune 500 companies, she navigated a landscape where women, especially Latinas and underrepresented minorities, were a rare sight. This homogenous view ignited a spark in Gilda, compelling her to initiate change.


In 2021, Gilda established Waveform Data Solutions. Although located in Orlando, the company is unrestricted by geography, as they can serve clients from all parts of the world remotely. They excel in a wide spectrum of services, encompassing database management, comprehensive database support, architectural design, cutting-edge cloud solutions, seamless cloud migrations, and a distinct specialization in the fine art of database optimization. But, Waveform Data Solutions isn’t just about the tech; they are also actively striving to bridge the gender and diversity gap in data science.


Gilda also founded Latinas in Data, a nonprofit dedicated to training and mentoring Latinas, women, and underrepresented minorities in data science. Her mission is encapsulated in a powerful quote: "Diversity is getting invited to the party, inclusion is getting asked to dance, and equality can only be achieved if you're part of the party planning committee."


Gilda Alvarez
Founder and CEO: Waveform Data Solutions
Founder: Latinas in Data

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