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Gina Campanella, Esq.

Small businesses are the engine that drives the prosperity of every community in America, from local doctors to Main Street storefronts to budding entrepreneurial ventures born in Manhattan lofts and at kitchen tables. Gina Campanella knows this well. Not only because she has almost 15 years of exclusive experience in business, health care, and real estate law, but because she grew up in a family that ran a small business/health care facility. These vital enterprises are her passion and the very reason she founded Campanella Law Office, LLC, with the single purpose of assisting health care professionals, small business owners, and individuals with their daily transactional, business, and real estate needs. And it shows.

When Gina opened her practice in 2015, she quickly gained a national reputation for delivering unparalleled results with a variety of services federally throughout New Jersey, New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Her awe-inspiring litany of accolades includes recognition six times as both a Rising Star by New Jersey Super Lawyers and an Avvo Clients’ Choice Attorney with the highest rating of 10, a trifecta of awards as a Best of Bergen Attorney by Bergen Magazine, and an Awesome Attorney by South Jersey Magazine. But Gina doesn’t work for the awards, the spotlight, the name recognition. For her, it’s personal. “As someone who opened my own firm rather than join another one, helping my entrepreneurial kindred thrive is so tremendously rewarding,” she says.

With the country experiencing the greatest explosion of entrepreneurs and small businesses in its history, we wanted to learn more from Gina about how she’s helping them flourish.


Tell us a bit more about your firm and the services you provide, Gina.

One of my passions in opening my firm was to have comprehensive legal services available to small businesses and startups in a way that’s manageable and accessible. We have extensive experience assisting clients with transactional services and providing regulatory compliance consulting on a state and federal level. We also provide general counsel services to small practices, large societies, and medical groups. I really get to know my clients and their business, and then we work together to determine their needs, whether they’re growing or starting a company, or opening another location. I provide that legal guidance to help them identify and prioritize what they need now versus what can wait until their budget allows.

I have a concierge program, as well, with a flat annual fee that gives people access to services and me in a budget friendly and predictable manner. I don’t ever want small businesses and entrepreneurs to go without legal advice or counsel because they can’t afford it. Having access to legal help could be the difference between being successful or not in your dreams, and I’m very passionate about being financially accessible for them. I’m just thrilled that I’ve been able to help so many people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

The pandemic gave rise to historic numbers of entrepreneurial ventures. Are you seeing greater demand for your legal services as a result?

Absolutely, and I’m seeing it across all industries, including health care. Many clinicians are leaving medical groups and opening their own practices, especially with the emergence of telemedicine, and others are opening their second or third locations as sole practitioners or as part of small, independent groups. But we’re assisting businesses in fields across the board, whether they’re growing or just getting started. It amazes me the unique ideas entrepreneurs have developed to address the new needs coming out of COVID. Existing small businesses are innovating as well, implementing new ideas and revamping their models to include things like remote services and staff to not only expand their reach across regions or states, but meet this new demand from consumers. This is such an exciting time for small businesses, and we love that we’re helping more and more of them.

To close, would you share just one of your greatest professional accomplishments?

I’d have to say seeing my all clients get through COVID unscathed. It’s a really nice point of pride that I managed to help them not only get through this, but flourish from the innovations they put in place. This means the world to me.

Gina is a Certified HIPAA Administrator from the HIPAA Academy and a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. She lectures at educational conferences nationwide on matters of business and federal/state healthcare compliance, and serves as an adjunct professor at the Seton Hall University School of Health and Medical Sciences. She holds a master’s in healthcare administration from Seton Hall University and a J.D. from Seton Hall Law. She is currently completing a book on entrepreneurship.


Gina Campanella, Esq.

Founder & Owner — Campanella Law Offices, LLC



LinkedIn:  @CampanellaLawOfficeLLC

Facebook: @GLCBusinessLaw

Instagram: @GLCBusinessLaw

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