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Glen appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine

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Glen Gallucci

Mr. Private Lender

Glen Gallucci is the CEO and founder of Peak Properties and Peak Private Lending. With over 30 years of experience, Glen is an expert at analyzing, buying, fixing, and selling houses. He is one of today’s most well-financed and well-respected real estate investors, and he has been recognized as NJ’s premier direct private lender to real estate investors since 1998, earning him the title of “Mr. Private Lender.”  Glen has been featured as the New York Times® pick for touring his investment properties.


Glen has closed over 100 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate, and he has delivered double-digit returns, near impossible to find on Wall Street, for his select private investors via his real estate investing companies, Peak Properties and Peak Private Lending.


In 1998, he set up Peak Properties, LLC, a real estate investing company. He was a pioneer of the flipping houses trend. Glen, along with his son, Paul, who is the managing partner of the Peak Organization, built up a reputation for successfully buying, renovating, and selling distressed and bank-owned properties. This “in the trenches” experience led Glen to a realization that there was a segment of the market being ignored. With a heart to serve the needs of everyday real estate buyers and sellers, Glen began his foray into lending by providing personal funds to real estate investors who didn’t qualify with banks or hard money lenders. The flexible programs he developed opened doors that gave traditionally unqualified investors access to the industry. His unique lending programs quickly attracted the attention of experienced and seasoned investors as well. His unrelenting focus and drive led to tens of millions in private funds being pumped into the real estate market greatly benefiting both borrowers and investors.


Glen explains that “as investors ourselves, we offer flexible lending programs, and we are not a traditional lender looking at your credit, bank statements or personal financials. We are strictly asset-based lenders and look at each project on an individual basis. We are direct lenders and don’t sell off our loans to third parties. We keep and service the loans in house, which means we are the only approval you will need. We lend money when banks and hard money lenders can’t or won’t.”


Glen’s business and reputation as both investor and as “Mr. Private Lender” has skyrocketed over the last decade. Glen is sought after as a speaker and educator for his expertise in short-term real estate investing and private lending. Glen has been a featured and keynote speaker at numerous lectures throughout the tristate area. He conducts various seminars and workshops that offer elite training and in-depth real estate investment education to investors and consumers.  


Glen and Paul also operate Peak Capital Investments LP, an investment company that offers real estate backed investment opportunities, providing predictable returns with less uncertainty than market-based investing. In addition to offering investment opportunities, Glen periodically offers accredited investors the opportunity to join his 22-year, highly successful investment program.


Glen Gallucci, President

Peak Properties, LLC

319 Queen Anne Road

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Download the Top Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine and check out Glen's feature on page 68.

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