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Glen appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine

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Q&A with Glen Rubin

Tell us about your firm, Rubin Lublin, LLC:

Firm History:

Rubin Lublin was founded in 2009 when my partner, Peter Lublin and I broke away from large general practice firm with a national footprint to form our own boutique firm.  I had extensive experience in mortgage default law and Peter was a leading real estate and title litigation attorney. Together, we wanted to build a firm that offered the experience, professionalism, and legal expertise to the clients each of us had served for over twenty plus years in the industry.

Areas of Practice:

Our practice concentrates in the real estate area but specializes in mortgage work and associated litigation.  We handle anything mortgage related - everything from a closing all the way through a foreclosure, including representing the lender in any litigation or title work that may emanate along the way.  Our practice areas formally include: residential and commercial real estate closings, default lender services such as foreclosure and bankruptcy, real estate litigation, regulatory compliance as well as title services and clearance.

Firm Culture:

Collectively, we are a firm of approximately 125 people, consisting of 30 attorneys and additional support staff of approximately 95.  We are a multi-cultural firm with many of our employees coming from different parts of the globe and speaking several languages including Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian.  We are big diverse family. Although we typically work a high volume of transactions, it is important to us that our attorneys and staff lead a balanced life.  The atmosphere around the firm is kept very relaxed.  We offer our clients the personalized service of a boutique law firm with the experience and expertise that would be typical of a much larger firm.

What type of real estate does your firm focus on?

We specialize in mortgage work and although we have the capacity to do some commercial work, we focus mostly on the residential real estate side.  We do between 100-150 closings a month; handle between 500 and 700 foreclosures a month; as well as all associated litigation and title matters.  We deal mainly with major banks, mortgage servicers, mortgage investors and title companies.

In addition to Atlanta, do you assist clients in any other geographical areas?

We have offices and do work throughout four southeastern states: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

What is your role at the firm?

I am the managing partner and in addition to practicing as an attorney, I oversee all day-to-day operations and administration of the firm.

What separates your firm from others in the industry?

There are only a handful of firms that can do what we do at the levels we do it in each of our states. Over the years, the trend has been to use more and more para-professionals to do the type of legal work we do.  However, we have bucked that trend by having lawyers touching the files at more key points than our competitors. As such I feel like we catch and resolve more issues upfront for our clients and minimize their exposure to liability.  We combine that with our commitment to technology.  We don’t throw bodies at a problem or process. We engineer a computer driven solution to maximize efficiency.  That has kept our staff counts lower than our competition and enabled us to operate in any economic climate. So more lawyers, less staff and more technology than our competitors.  That has been the winning formula. 

What is your educational and professional background?

I graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in political science and economics. I received my J.D. from Hofstra Law School.  After graduating from law school, I worked for a large firm in New York City which is now known as Blank Rome, LLP.  Back then, I was handling commercial bankruptcy cases.  I relocated to Atlanta and became partner at McCalla Raymer, a very prominent law firm our industry. There,  I spent twelve years and gained valuable experience.  From there, I was recruited to join Adorno & Yoss, LLC which was a growing, minority owned firm with a national multi-disciplinary practice. At Adorno, I began building the mortgage practice I have today. My partner Peter joined me after a few years before we ultimately left to form Rubin Lublin, LLC.

What is the motto of your firm?

“Personalized service, professionals results.” This is the hallmark of our firm because we offer that specialized, one on one type service of a boutique firm, with the know-how and legal capacity of a much larger large firm.

Does your firm have a mission statement that it adheres to?

To resolve the legal issues confronting our clients in the most professional, expedient, and cost effective manner while employing a personalized, service-oriented approach.


Are you affiliated with any trade groups or organizations?

We are both affiliated and active with many industry related groups. My partner, Peter Lublin is the past president of the Real Estate Section of the State Bar of Georgia and I am former chairman of the Legal League 100, a trade group comprised of the top mortgage default firms in the nation.  In addition to various bar associations, we belong to both the USFN and ALFN which are the preeminent trade groups for creditors’ rights law firms working in the financial area.


Glen Rubin, Managing Partner 

Rubin Lublin, LLC / Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC 

3145 Avalon Ridge Place, Suite 100, Peachtree Corners , Georgia 30071 

Main: 770-246-3300  | 

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