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Gregory Standal


In the high-stakes world of video production, Gregory Standal’s journey is nothing short of cinematic. From a young age, Gregory developed a passion for filmmaking, creating home movies with his friends. As he grew older, his talents became more advanced. His steadfast determination led him to film school and eventually onto the sets of movies, shows, and commercials. Yet, it was in 2014, leveraging his deep-seated experience, that he transitioned into producing commercials.


Originally founded in 2011, New Cape Pictures became Gregory’s canvas to reimagine commercial video production. Based in New Jersey, the company emerged with a singular vision: to drive brand interaction and growth through compelling video-based solutions. "Every project is an evolution. It's a chance to outdo ourselves, to elevate our clients' narratives," Gregory adds, echoing his company's ethos of constant reinvention and growth.


But what truly sets New Cape Pictures apart is its client-centric approach. While many production houses take a broad-brush strategy, Gregory’s team delves deep. Their focus? Crafting video content tailored to resolve specific challenges faced by their clients. "Generic content creation isn't our game," Gregory states emphatically. "We zero in on problems, be it labor retention or lead generation, and design video strategies as solutions. Our content isn't just about aesthetics; it's about tangible outcomes."


This commitment to creating result-driven content has earned New Cape Pictures a clientele that reads like a who's who of the corporate world. "Working with big brands like MasterChef and Bissell was a testament to our capabilities," Gregory shares. Yet, New Cape Picture's portfolio, which also includes collaborations that drive results for smaller entities like Jan Fence and One River School of Art and Design, is a testament to its versatility.


For Gregory Standal, the true measure of success isn't just in an array of clients, but in the impact our content has on each client’s business. He believes in the power of continuity: "A singular video can make waves, but a consistent stream of content keeps the brand relevant in consumers' minds.”


Looking back at two decades in video production, Gregory’s most cherished moments remain the culmination of a project. "That initial call, the storyboard, the conceptualization, and then seeing it all come together a month later—it's magic," he says. "Twenty-five years in, and the thrill remains unchanged."


Gregory Standal
New Cape Pictures

Instagram: @newcapepictures  |  @gmstandal

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