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Gregory Stewart

Did you know that by the time people get alerted by today’s smoke alarms, they typically only have two minutes to get to safety? Gregory Stewart & SAAM, Inc. does, and they’re on a mission to save lives and improve health. After 12 years running large P&Ls at Fortune 500 Asia Pacific companies in Shanghai and Singapore, Gregory returned to his native U.S., co-founding SAAM in 2019. With the goal of increasing fire safety response time, they’ve developed the next generation of home smoke alarms. “Existing technology is over 50 years old and obsolete; they are suited for houses of days past whereas todays home emit caustic gases that will kill you quickly, therefore it is paramount you have more time to evacuate the house,” he says. “We’ve transformed the dumb smoke detector into a better, much faster, more responsive, interactive smart device that will literally save lives.”


Currently scheduled to be available in 2023, there’s a portable device for people away at school or traveling, inspired by the tragedies of hotel and dorm fires. There’s also a hardwired device, which can be connected to the SAAM app to measure other airborne dangers like pollen, mold, and allergens. Response has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic—before even hitting the market. Independent fire testing facility Worcester Polytechnic Institute found the products greatly exceeded current day devices, so much so, they’ve caught the attention of multiple top companies. “I’m so thankful to be part of an outstanding team at SAAM focused on saving lives through enhanced technology,” Gregory says.


Gregory holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and has won various awards from GE & Rexel centered around managing large P&Ls and business development.


Gregory Stewart

Co-Founder & Board Member — SAAM, INC.



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