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Griselda Abousleman

Griselda Abousleman stands as a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and transformational leader, renowned for her exemplary track record in driving organizational excellence and fostering individual growth. As the founder and CEO of Lean Business Excellence, she focuses on continuous improvement across a diverse range of industries.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, Lean Business Excellence is a consultancy that specializes in the provision of strategic guidance to businesses, and individual coaching for those seeking career and leadership development. With a global reach, she has extensive experience in leading cross-cultural teams and deploying lean and six sigma principles across 26 countries. Her mission is centered on maximizing value, ensuring clients achieve their desired outcomes and surpass their goals. As part of her commitment to comprehensive support, Excellence Coaching has seamlessly integrated into Lean Business Excellence—with Griselda at the helm.

Griselda’s track record speaks for itself. She led teams to establish three joint venture start-ups; designed and implemented eight greenfield lean site developments; and orchestrated 16 seamless product transitions, resulting in substantial operating income savings ranging from $1.1M to $12M. She has led other business units from a combined revenue of $550M to remarkable metric performance improvements of 50% to 100%, earning prestigious awards for each of them. Additionally, Griselda played a pivotal role in setting the continuous improvement vision and strategy for three Fortune 500 companies, leading to significant annual operating income savings ranging from $10M to $500M.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Griselda is a best-selling author. Her published book, Life Beyond the Border: A Journey from Poverty to Passionate Purpose, has inspired readers with its profound insights into overcoming adversity and embracing personal growth. Additionally, she was a group author of Extraordinary Latinas, another best seller which aims to amplify the voices of the Latina community. As a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion, Griselda also served as the board chair for the Women in Manufacturing Association, championing the advancement of women in the industry and advocating for equitable opportunities.

Griselda's educational background underscores her commitment to excellence and continuous learning. She holds a degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Arizona State University. Certified as a Lean Master and Six Sigma Expert under the guidance of Shingijutsu, Griselda's expertise in process optimization and efficiency enhancement is unparalleled.

Despite the countless accolades for her many achievements, family remains at the forefront of Griselda's life; she takes immense pride in her role as a mother to three ambitious children, each making significant strides in their respective fields: Gaby, a standout leader in STEM; Briana, recognized as an authority in the realms of fitness and nutrition; and Gregory, who has defied developmental odds with his hardworking spirit as a student navigating Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (PTLS). Griselda’s husband, Greg, assumes an equally vital role as her steadfast partner in both business and life.

Griselda Abousleman
Founder & CEO
Lean Business Excellence



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