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Gus de la Fuente

Unlike many leaders in the finance industry, Gus de la Fuente has an invested interest in his profession. He first became involved in the finance business after the untimely death of his father. His mother was left to endure four years of probate and to care for three boys on her own. After experiencing such a difficult time first-hand, Gus decided to become a financial and investment advisor so he could make sure his clients were always educated, well-informed, and given proper service. 

As a financial advisor for Freedom 55 Financial in Kanata, Ontario, Gus runs a financial planning services forum. He is responsible for insurances, income replacement, investments, advanced tax planning strategies, and estate planning. Gus describes his approach as holistic. He explains, “I make sure people are taken care of while they’re alive by reducing their taxes both while they’re still living and when they pass away.” 

In 2000, London Life rebranded its 140-year-old financial security planning arm as Freedom 55 Financial. It is a full financial security planning organization that offers financial planning and advice as well as London Life’s own brand of savings and investments, retirement income, and life insurance. Team members show clients their options and then guide them in making the right financial decisions. 

Today, Freedom 55 Financial has a network of more than 3,700 financial security advisors across Canada. This includes roughly 450 advisors who operate their own businesses under their own incorporated names and who focus on meeting the more complex needs of families and businesses in the high-net-worth and affluent markets. Gus is among these advisors as he incorporated his company, Gus de la Fuente Wealth Management Inc., in 2012.

With over 16 years of experience as a financial and investment representative, Gus specializes in tax planning and estate planning for small business owners and high-net-worth individuals. However, Gus says that what sets him apart from others in the industry is that he wants to help all people. He keeps his client base small because his company does everything in-house, which is what true financial advisement should be in his opinion. Gus treats everyone the way he would treat his own family, and his clients see that. In fact, most of them began as clients but quickly became honorary family members and close friends.

In order to provide his clients with the best service possible, Gus worked to earn multiple designations including certified health specialist (CHS), chartered life underwriter (CLU), and certified executor advisor (CEA).  He has also been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table for the past seven consecutive years (as long as he has been incorporated). In addition, Gus has been a member of Advocis for the past 16 years as well as a member of The Conference of Advance Life of Underwriting (CALU). 

Gus is also a firm believer in philanthropy, so charities and volunteer work are important to him. He is currently a member of a group called 100 Men Who Care. The group gets together in order to collect donations and host fundraisers for local charities. Gus enjoys supporting charities that are important to him and that are important to the city. 

Gus de la Fuente, CLU, CEA, CHS

Gus de la Fuente Wealth Management Inc./Freedom 55 Financial

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