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H Joseph Younger

After selling a national real estate franchise brand, you opted to launch an independent brokerage that has created a tremendous amount of traction very quickly. Can you talk to us about your new company?

Yes, we are really excited about the progress we have made in our market! Younger Realty Group is one of Central Pennsylvania’s largest and fastest-growing, independently owned Residential Real Estate Brokerages. We are a full-service real estate sales brokerage that offers all of the services that our clients need to either purchase or sell a home. We believe that our Realtors offer exceptional world-class service and that our in-house mortgage, title, and property management companies are second to none in our market.


Can you tell us about your current role at Younger Realty Group?


As CEO, I am charged with setting the vision for the organization and overseeing the operations of the brokerage and ancillary services including mortgage, title insurance, and property management. I am focused on growth opportunities, both organic and through M&As that make sense for the longevity of the organization. We have a solid business model that works and we are on the constant lookout for outstanding talent that will fit into what we have built. Because we have taken the time to build something really unique, in my opinion, my most important role within the organization is to be the driver and keeper of our culture. There is no limit to how far we can continue to grow as long as we continue to attract capable talent that shares our vision and is willing to work alongside us to execute our mission. 

What sets Younger Realty Group apart from your competitors?

Our incredibly talented people are the reason that Younger Realty Group is such a wonderful place to work! At the top of our core values is “People First”. That is not a statement that we take lightly and we are always thriving to ensure that our people have everything they need to be outstanding, not only at work but also in their personal lives. Our industry is demanding and we are constantly working on new ways to help our work family create balance so that they lead healthier lives. Our companies’ vision statement and the foundation for all that we do is to “Attract exceptional people with a relentless commitment to excellence, supported in an environment that allows them to grow and thrive, working in collaboration on a common set of goals.” We believe that statement says it all. We celebrate excellence at our company and we go out of our way to recognize what we consider to be the best people in the real estate sales business.  

Where is your leadership taking Younger Realty Group?

I believe that we have built an organization that offers a tremendous amount of value to the market. We have invested in our people, marketing and technology in a way that will provide unlimited and sustainable growth opportunities for everyone involved. As we continue to gain market share and expand, Younger Realty Group will become a dominant regional player in several markets in the Northeast and Atlantic States. We are scalable, profitable and continue to take care of our most important asset, our Realtors. As long as our core value of “People First” remains at the heart of our decision-making processes, we will continue to prosper.  

You have built an impressive resume and have been nationally recognized as an industry leader. Do you have any guidance for those that are reading this and aspire to reach that level?


Great question…I would say that patience and persistence will pay off. There are no short cuts to success and there is nothing that will replace a strong work ethic if you want to build a name for yourself. I stay incredibly busy and work hard to remain actively engaged at every level of the real estate industry. I currently serve as a Director for The Real Estate Business Institute, a Director of The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and a Director of the Lancaster County Association of Realtors. I also believe that I am one of the few Realtors in the country to be fortunate enough to simultaneously serve on all three levels of the industries Professional Standards Committees, that includes the National Association of Realtors, The Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and the Lancaster County Association of Realtors. I am actively engaged with speaking at industry events, teaching and writing articles for various industry publications. I have had the opportunity to do what I love for a living and all of this work is a great way to give back to an industry that has afforded me a lot of opportunity in life.

Younger Realty Group

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