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Heather Shadley

Heather Shadley, the COO, CFO, and CIO at Workbox Staffing LLC, has made a remarkable journey that epitomizes the power of determination, hard work, and a commitment to doing good. Over the span of 20 years, she has risen from the role of a data entry clerk in the payroll department to become a key executive shaping the company's operations, finance, and social impact.


Heather’s diverse background, including expertise in architectural design, facilities management, and accounting, has provided her with a unique skill set to excel in her multifaceted role. Not surprisingly, recognition and accolades have followed her throughout her career.


Heather created, managed, and participated in a program which led to Workbox Staffing receiving the prestigious ASA Cares Award from the American Staffing Association on two occasions. Heather was also recognized by the American Staffing Association with the Certified Staffing Professional credential, and was honored with the Extra Mile Award from Workbox Staffing LLC. Her personal motto, "Nothing changes if nothing changes," encapsulates her relentless pursuit of positive transformation and drives her actions every day.


Heather is not only a trailblazer in her career, but also a dedicated advocate for women's success in leadership roles. She firmly believes that formal college degrees are not the sole path to success and strives to inspire other women, as well as the generations who will soon enter the workforce. She emphasizes the importance of showing up early, staying late, exceeding expectations, and being kind as the cornerstones of her success.


Beyond the boardroom, Heather works with young people to instill the value of volunteering, believing that once they understand its significance, they will be inspired to adopt an altruistic viewpoint. As a former regional commissioner for AYSO Soccer, she understands all too well the challenge of recruiting volunteers, but Heather is a problem solver and never one to back down from a challenge. Through her own community outreach initiatives at Workbox Staffing, including fun and interesting monthly programs such as Cancer Month and Reading Month, she proves that she doesn’t just support civic activism, she actively engages in it.

Workbox Staffing LLC, under Heather's leadership, also prioritizes making a positive impact. While their commitment to "doing good" sets them apart in the staffing industry, they too “walk the walk” by dedicating a minimum of $50,000 to charitable programs and requiring each staff member to volunteer three hours per quarter.


Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Workbox Staffing provides exceptional staffing services through 30 branches across Michigan, Indiana, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Specializing in industrial placements, with a focus on manufacturing and warehousing, they pay particular attention to communities with limited resources—and it’s no coincidence that their dedication to meaningful employment and community enrichment aligns perfectly with Heather's vision of creating positive change.


Heather Shadley
Workbox Staffing LLC


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