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Heriberto Hernandez, Esq.

As managing partner with Hernandez Law Group, Heriberto Hernandez is an attorney who has dedicated his entire legal career to helping people navigate the complexities of immigration issues. An immigrant from Colombia, it was his own experience with the immigration system as a boy that drove him to a profession that allows him to protect and defend the rights of other immigrants in their pursuit of a better life. For Heriberto, the law is much more than a career—it’s personal. “I really feel what my clients are going through because I was in their shoes, so I can relate and sympathize,” he shares.

Heriberto opened Florida-based Hernandez Law Group in 2017, after working for three years as an attorney focusing on criminal defense and immigration law in Florida. His practice specializes in immigration and federal defense, serving clients across the state in all types of immigration cases, from family to removal, defense, asylum, waivers, and some employment-based visas, with a great majority of cases involving representation in immigration court. Heriberto also handles many immigration detained cases for people being held in ICE detention centers in South Florida. “I wanted to get into this area because I grew up in Colombia. I came to Florida at age 11. In high school, my mom was struggling to obtain lawful status in the U.S., and she was a victim of an immigration scam through a church in Miami.”

His mother had paid thousands of dollars to the church who applied for asylum on her behalf, and who had hired an unethical attorney who provided inadequate representation, which resulted in his mother, and other immigrants he had represented, ordered removed from the U.S. When he got older and learned that other families had been victims of the same scam, Heriberto hired an attorney who helped him get immigration status and re-open the case. “That process made it a goal of mine to go to law school and practice immigration law. The attorney I had was a great inspiration. This attorney encouraged me to go to law school to help the immigrant community,” he shares.

It is this experience that drives not only Heriberto’s tireless work as an attorney on behalf of his clients, but also his work with legal organizations committed to protecting people from immigration fraud and prosecuting these offenders who prey on the immigrant community. He is part of the South Florida Chapter of the Association for Immigration Lawyers (AILA), and he is involved with the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, which serves as a liaison between the Department of Homeland Security and attorneys and immigrants reporting immigration fraud. “There are a lot of people in South Florida who scam immigrants. We have a massive case of a person extorting immigrants,” he explains. “We help connects the dots between ICE and people so that they can collect evidence and go after scammers. We help push the government to go after these people.”

Heriberto holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology from Florida Atlantic University and a law degree from Nova Southeastern University. Heriberto is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), where is the vice-chair of the Unauthorized Practice of Law committee.


Heriberto Hernandez, Esq.

Managing Partner — Hernandez Law Group

120 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 201

Lake Worth, FL 33460

LinkedIn: Heriberto Hernandez

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