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Hindrick Diorico

As a self-taught entrepreneur as well as a Canadian immigrant, Hindrick Diorico knows first-hand what it takes to build a brand from the bottom up. Although he holds no formal training, he changed his career path from finance to technology and created his own company from scratch. Today, in addition to serving as the founder and chief executive officer for Swank & Swagger, Hindrick works both as a techno-preneur and as a sales and marketing consultant, helping facilitate the growth and development of technology startup companies.


Launched in March 2019, Swank & Swagger is an e-commerce fashion company consisting of worldwide suppliers. “My brand features bold, fearless, and fierce fashion accessories,” says Hindrick. The brand’s primary clientele is made up of fashion-forward individuals who possess a strong sense of style with a preference of chic, edgy, and contemporary designs.


As Swank & Swagger’s founder and CEO, Hindrick conducts all overseas operations and business activities. His responsibilities include marketing, data analysis, and strategic oversight within the company. Hindrick’s tactical decisions involve pricing, deciding what products to feature, and which international suppliers to deal with.


Prior to starting his own company, Hindrick spent over 12 years in corporate finance and banking, managing a portfolio of over $10.8B. However, he eventually decided to pivot his career toward the tech industry, where he has successfully worked for the past eight years. He served as an operations executive for a fintech firm and a sales and marketing executive for an e-sports company. Hindrick credits his experience with the two tech startups as the inspiration for starting Swank & Swagger.



Hindrick Diorico

Founder and CEO

Swank & Swagger

website: www.swanknswagger.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/swanknswaggerhd

Instagram: www.instagram.com/swanknswaggerstyle

Pinterest: www.pinterest.ca/swanknswagger

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hindrickdiorico

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