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Hubert M. De La Vauvre

Hubert De La Vauvre is a vice president for Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, a leading independent investment bank and financial advisory firm focused on the global middle market. As an expert in investment banking who specializes in the sell-side of mergers and acquisitions, he focuses predominantly on the metals and industrial sector, specifically on serving metal companies. As VP in the firm’s Chicago office, Hubert’s responsibilities include managing the entire process on M&A transactions, overseeing a group of analysts and associates controlling the due diligence process and providing day-to-day communications with the companies they serve—all to ensure a successful transaction for each client.


Born and raised in France, Hubert moved to Chicago when he was 12 years old, and he brought with him a unique perspective and life experience that have served both him and his clients well. “I have a different cultural background that I bring to the table. In addition, my father was the CEO of a global food ingredient company. through his example, he gave me the blueprint of what it meant to work hard and to make sure your family is always taken care of. This is a huge differentiator. I’ve always worked hard,” he shares. And, indeed, he has.

He began his career in 2010 as an analyst with an investment bank, where he spent the next 10 years rising quickly through the ranks to vice president. While working a full-time job, Hubert attended night classes at the University of Chicago for two and a half years in pursuit of his MBA, and at the same time with his wife was raising two young children. In 2018, he graduated with honors from Chicago Booth, one of the world’s best business schools, and joined Brown Gibbons Lang & Company as vice president the following year, in 2019.

Hubert points to family, self-discipline, and his passion for challenges and knowledge as the foundation of his accomplishments uncommon for a 31-year-old in his field. “I’ve always placed large emphasis on professional and personal growth, and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of confronting difficult problems and learning new things. I’m always trying to be ahead. I think that’s part of the reason that I’ve always been a quick learner.” he explains. “Those traits still push me to succeed professionally, but family remains my greatest driver. My wife and three children give me a purpose to work harder.”

With offices in Cleveland and Chicago, as well as representatives in Philadelphia, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company has been serving clients for 30 years, specializing primarily on sell-side M&A, with deals ranging from $20 million to $500 million. Its 100 employees focus on clients across a gamut of sectors, which include metals, consumer, the broader industrial product segment, environmental services, and health care. “It’s a great company, and I love what I do.”


Hubert M. De La Vauvre

Vice President — Brown Gibbons Lang & Company

One Magnificent Mile, 980 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1880

Chicago, IL  60611

LinkedIn: Hubert M. De La Vauvre

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