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Ibrahim appears in the Top 100 

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Ibrahim Geriesh


Ibrahim Geriesh helps businesses thrive by serving in board and advisory roles, currently including Eco Financial, VivetData, and served as a trusted advisor for many DC government agencies including NASA, GSA, CFTC, DOD, TSA, and HUD.

Before his business career, Ibrahim served as a business intelligence data analyst at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), where he oversaw all division guidance, interpretations, and no-action requests, including swap data reporting obligations and the program of registration for swap data repositories. He also worked with the division's other branches of staff economists and attorneys to synthesize their work with the necessary legal research and implementing vehicles, such as product jurisdictional issues.

In 2008, Ibrahim founded VivetData, a big data analysis company, serving as its chairman since its inception. He also co-founded Eco Financial. Upon living in the D.C. area, Ibra noticed that the development of the internet and personal computer had launched the dot-com boom and social media/smart phone era. Ibra invested his full time toward the establishment of Eco Financial with hopes in the future to embark on his venture capital career.

Eco Financial Early History

With Confinity, Ibra realized they could develop software to bridge a gap in tax and accounting payments, and tax/financial planning systems. Ibra wanted to create a type of digital tax planning accounting for consumer convenience and security by encrypting data on digital devices and in 2022, Ibra launched  EcoTech™, the world's first intelligent tax planning assistant for instant insight.

Eco Financial promised to open up new possibilities for handling money, especially with respect to filing taxes and doing accounting. Ibra viewed EcoFinanacial’s mission as liberating people from the erosion of the value of their currencies due to inflation.


Ibrahim Geriesh

Founder & CEO — Eco Financial



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