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Inder Singh

Well known in the industry for his sharp negotiation skills, Inder Singh is a broker and the founder of Inder Singh Real Estate Group at Remax Enterprises, based in Ontario, Canada. After discovering a process that involved buying a property, doing small upgrades, and then selling the property for a profit, he was able to build his wealth through his own prosperous real estate investments. Inder then quickly developed a desire to help others achieve similar financial success by using the same principals. He loves nothing more than closing a favorable deal for his clients, whether he is buying or selling a property. His unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity, accompanied with his unique focus on nurturing past clients, has resulted in a large continuous volume of referrals and repeat business. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with him to learn more about his background, the Inder Singh Real Estate Group, and the proven investment methods he and his exceptionally talented team incorporate to help clients find the right homes and properties for their portfolios.


Let’s start with some information about you. Tell us a bit about your background.


After earning my bachelor’s degree in commerce, I came to Canada from India in 2002. I was 22 years old, and my goal at the time was to further my education by obtaining my post-graduate degree and then to return home to manage the family business. While I was working on my degree, one of my professors held a position in a top financials services company and offered me a job. I said, “Why not? Let me give it a shot.” I soon fell in love with the job and the country, so I decided to stay. I graduated with a postgraduate degree in financial planning, and the company helped me get a visa because I was doing really well in sales for them. Within a year, I was to promoted regional sales associate. Then, I was able to get immigration status and was doing well but wanted to do more, so that’s when I got into real estate. While continuing to work in the financial sector, I worked for myself on weekends ─ buying, selling, and flipping properties. I bought my first condo at age 25, quickly flipped it in three to four months, and made $50,000.


Can you explain your business model?


My model is simple:  build a system, put it on autopilot, and then look for another opportunity. For example, in 2008, I got married, and traveled back to India. Someone broke into my car and stole my passport and permanent residency card for Canada. So, I was stuck in India for a year. While there, I used credit card funds to take over a Giani’s Ice Cream franchise. It was so successful that within seven months, I opened a second franchise. When I was able to return to Canada, I leased one franchise and kept the other. I built a system; put it on auto pilot; and looked for another opportunity.



What inspired you to leave the financial sector to start your own real estate company?


In 2007, during the financial crash, I had been laid off from my job because several big companies were taking over the smaller ones. I always wanted to get in the restaurant industry, so in 2009 I got involved with a sports bar. It was not an easy ride, but the hard work paid off. The systems were in place and it started running on autopilot. That gave me an opportunity to get into the real estate industry as licensed Realtor® with Remax. In less then 4 years, I was nominated to the Hall of Fame. By 2016, I’d officially touched the ceiling working as an individual agent, so in order to grow and provide the service I desired, I needed to start my own business. I founded the Inder Singh Real Estate Group under the RE/MAX banner. My goal is to help people grow their wealth through real estate investment, so we expanded the team with the same vision.


What has been one of your biggest achievements in 2020?


Although we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we managed to lease the most expensive penthouse in Toronto. Situated at the top floor of the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Toronto, the 65th story property boasts 3,500 sq. ft. of living space, 1,500 sq. ft. of terrace space, and one of the best views of the Toronto Skyline of any luxury apartment in the city. It was on the market for only 30 days before being snapped up at the staggering monthly lease of $30,000. Due to Covid, I meticulously prepared the property, keeping the strict health and safety requirements in mind and gave personalized walk-throughs to each prospective client, making myself available to address any of their questions.

What have been your greatest accomplishments throughout your career?

I am a certified luxury home marketing specialist as well as a certified negotiation expert. I’m also a member of the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club, the Platinum Club, and the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. I’m also soon to be featured in the Top Agent Magazine. Throughout my career, I have helped several families, bought/sold more than 400 houses and have completed over $500 million in transactions.


What are your plans for future?


We recently started a new company named Conquer Condo to help our clients with real estate investments in preconstruction projects. I was approached by a developer to be one of only a few exclusive agents to be involved in a project that will undertake 78 townhomes valued at $60 million, which will launch in early 2021.


How do you enjoy your time outside of work?


The community we live in, and Canada as a whole, has been very good to us. I believe in giving back where we can, and so my team and I take part in several charities in Canada and around the world. We give annually to RE/MAX’s Miracle Home, a program that supports local children’s hospitals, and we also support SickKids, a foundation that provides medical care to children around the world. I also personally help young people, specifically in Asian countries, by paying for their tuition and educational fees. Outside of fundraising and taking Ontario’s real estate market by storm, I love spending time with my wife and watching my five-year-old daughter grow up. I also enjoy golfing, running, and furthering my education.


Inder Singh, Founder and Broker

Inder Singh Real Estate Group

Remax Enterprises

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Download the magazine and see Inder's feature on page 6.

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