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Selected for Excellence in Semiconductors and Technology

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Indrajit Sabharwal

About Company or Service: Manufacturing of Semiconductors Chips & Devices, AI, Motherboards, IT Components, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. Ranked No. 3 in the world in Tablet PC & Top  Semiconductor companies globally and No. 1 in India. 80+ Global Awards. Always been ahead of the technology curve. A Pioneer in Integrated manufacturing of building blocks of Computing, Telecom and Mobility Products. R&D, Design & Manufacturing of Components to Complete Products. Creating a Global Game Changer in the Technology world.

About Indrajit: One of a kind Technology Visionary Entrepreneur. Pioneer in the Technology World. Respected as the “Steve Jobs of India”. Also known as “Guru in Semiconductors”. Expertise in Semiconductors and Technology for the past 33 years. Unmatchable Vision and Technology roadmap to create a legacy for the future.. A first mover in technology manufacturing. 80+ Global Awards including Top 20 Inspiring Business Leaders, Pride of India, Lifetime Achievement Awards, Leaders of Tomorrow Global Achievers Awards, etc. Vision is to create one of the Most valuable companies in the world. Accurate Technology Trends Forecasting and creation of a Global empire are his forte. Advisor to major Global technology and semiconductor companies. Close relationships with Intel, AMD, Nvidia, IBM, Hynix, etc. Creating a Game Changer in the Technology world. Technology to create a legacy in the technology sector for future generations and become one of the most valuable technology companies in the world by 2030.

Education: Engineering and Post Graduate Management and certifications from USA and UK universities.

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