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Iqbal appears in the Top 100 

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Iqbal Amiri


Counselor. Confidant. Consultant. Caregiver. These are just a few of the many roles Iqbal Amiri has encompassed during his last three decades he’s spent as a life insurance and wealth advisor. “What I’m providing isn’t just a product, insurance or investment,” he states. “My role has always been to be someone who looks out for others, and that’s really what I do.” Born in Burma, the second-generation native moved to East Pakistan, followed by West Pakistan, before settling in Canada, where he started AMIRI Wealth Management, Inc., in 1991. Based in Edmonton, with two office locations in Alberta, the wealth management firm prides itself on offering sound, honest financial advice based on education, knowledge, and experience. As not only its founder, but president and CEO, Iqbal draws on personal experience, imparting firsthand knowledge on the people he serves. “From living in different countries to my own personal challenges, and the adversity I’ve faced along the way, it’s all just been the biggest asset for me, which I’m able to use to help my clients,” he states.


To this end, Iqbal looks out for the financial wellbeing of his clients, helping to ensure they’re properly insured in the event of an unforeseen illness or premature death. He also oversees the transfer of wealth to beneficiaries in timely, tax-efficient manners, providing peace of mind and security for families and key stakeholders. With emphasis in defensive investment strategies with growth opportunities, the AMIRI also offers  RRSP, RESP, RDSP, TFSA, and open accounts for personal and corporate investing. “Wealth is more than just money,” he states. “Being rich and having money is part of being wealthy, but not all of it. Wealth means good health, good career, happy life, family and friends, respect in the community.” His commitment to this philosophy is seen in his Ovation and Three Star Master Builder awards from Manulife Financial and through his charity fund for mental health called,


Iqbal is currently enrolled at the University of Alberta, and he’s completed programs from Standard and Harvard University. He’s also completed a professional mediation course and Ivey Executive Program. He’s also a member of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity group with Advocis in Canada.


Iqbal Amiri

Wealth Advisor – AMIRI Wealth Management, Worldsource Financial Management Inc

Mutual funds and segregated funds provided by the fund companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc., sponsoring mutual fund dealer. Other products and services are offered through Amiri Wealth Management Inc. o/a Amiri Wealth Management.



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