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Iqbal Amiri


Iqbal Amiri is president and CEO of AMIRI Wealth Management, a wealth management firm based in Edmonton, Canada, that provides long-term, goal-based retirement income and planning services. Iqbal attributes his success, and that of his company, to his clients. “Our clients trust us to look after their investments and insurance. We treat them like gods because it is only because of them that we exist,” he shares.

In addition to overseeing the company’s operations, Iqbal works with clients as an insurance advisor with AMIRI and as an investment fund representative with Manulife Securities Investment Services, Inc., which offers mutual fund products. For him, the word “wealth” means more than “currency.” “We use the term ‘wealth’ instead of ‘finance’ because we feel wealth is more than just money. Money is a component of wealth, not wealth in itself. To us, wealth means good health, good career, happy life, family & friends, respect in community, etc.,” he explains.

Iqbal and his team help clients nurture and protect a “wealthy” life by focusing on the “big picture” and employing a variety of investment tools and insurance tools. They work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals and provide strategies to support them. “What’s important to them is important to us. Our objective is to make sure their objective is met,” Iqbal explains.

Founded 20 years ago, AMIRI remains a small boutique firm, serving clients coast to coast, from Vancouver, BC, Victoria, Toronto, and Ontario, from second-generation and long-term clients to new, young professionals. With offices in Edmonton and in Camrose, Alberta, AMIRI successfully competes with large institutions while maintain intimate relationships with their clients. “We are able to relate differently and connect with our clients because we are small, focused business owners,” he shares.

Iqbal’s journey to AMIRI has given him a deep understanding of the importance of continuing education and of the definition of “wealth.” His path began inauspiciously as a part-time store clerk at a major retail store chain. After rising to general manager over the course of 9 years, he lost his job in 1991—a casualty of the recession. With a wife and a newborn baby to support, Iqbal took his insurance underwriting exam and joined Allstate, where he worked for five years. During this time, the idea for AMIRI emerged when he realized people weren’t buying the product, but “they were buying the promise I was making to them to come through for them when they needed me.”

He founded AMIRI three years later, built on a foundation of trust, client-centric education, continuing education—three principles that drove him from unemployed clerk to insurance expert to founder of a successful wealth management firm. He endured challenges and hardships, and succeeded, rising to be recognized as one of the top producers in the independent advisor channel for the past 15 years and as recipient of Manulife’s Ovation Award in 2018.

Continuing education remains central in his life, and he emphasizes the critical need for it among the AMIRI team. He completed the Ivey Executive Program at Richard Ivey Business School; University of Western Ontario in 2012, and he and his team attend conferences and seminars to ensure they provide optimal service and the most up-to-date knowledge to their clients. Iqbal succeeded in the face of diversity, and it served him well. He now uses his experiences and wisdom to help his clients better their lives and to always live up to his firm’s promise of “protecting and preserving no matter what.”

Iqbal believes in supporting community. He serves on the Elder Planning Council, which focuses on improving the knowledge and understanding of professionals who work with clients over 50 to help them serve the specialized financial, real estate, insurance, and legal needs of Canadians as they age. He also participates in the ADVOCIS’s Conference of Advanced Life Underwriting of, whose mission is to promote a deeper understanding of complex financial and tax initiatives for members and clients, and to influence sound public policy.

He has also been invited to speak at an industry conference as the keynote speaker, by a law and accounting firm as the subject matter expert, and by financial services company to speak to new advisors in training joining the industry.


Iqbal Amiri

Insurance Advisor, President & CEO — AMIRI Wealth Management

5345 75 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 0W4

4941 49 Street, Camrose, Alberta Canada T4V 1N3

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