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Isaac Muthui

Driven by the desire to solve problems, Isaac Muthui has a proven talent for recognizing opportunities and taking action in areas other people overlook. The lifelong innovator and technology entrepreneur has already introduced over a dozen concepts in Africa, and the popularity of his latest creation has the likes of Google and Amazon taking note. In January 2020, Isaac founded Playmefy Inc., a Georgia state registered C-corporation geared toward connecting sporting people internationally. With over 5,000 members and 1,200 host facilities, Playmefy is the world’s largest sports and recreation engagement platform—a one-stop shop for matching people with similar interests in sports, recreation, lifestyle, and fitness. As the leader of this fast-growing startup, Isaac serves as chairman of the board of directors and as head of technology, innovation, and product development. While the idea for the most recent of his exciting ventures sprung in 2019, his successful journey as an innovator and entrepreneur began over 15 years ago at just 23 years old.


In 2006, after graduating from a college in Africa with a degree in computer science, Isaac founded his first company, Trackright System, which focused on GPS car tracking and fleet management. He then went on to establish the Kenya Institute of Data and Forensic Systems—Africa’s first computer forensic institution. “The institution enabled me to introduce better web security and to get contracts with large businesses such as telecommunications companies and government agencies,” says Isaac. After taking a short break, Isaac joined the private sectors as the head of ICT and infrastructure at Liberty Commercial Bank in East Africa. Then, in 2014, he began developing and innovating his personal platforms, Global Christian Social Network, and Catch Blade. Their success led to a number of other platforms, which include Blaze Bay, B-to-B Global E-commerce, and Home Stay Safari—a platform of 7,000 recreation facilities across Africa. 


Five years later, in 2019, Isaac landed in the U.S. on a mission to continue his innovative journey—and he wasted no time. While hiking with a friend in California, he noticed that everyone around them was alone, and the idea of connecting people who share the same interests was born—Playmefy. Later, Isaac shared his idea with two friends in Georgia, who jumped at the opportunity to invest in the startup. “The following year, we assembled a team in Africa to start developing the Playmefy platform. Once we completed the MVP, we were able to attract advisors and others to run the company with us,” he explains. Since that time, Isaac has also been admitted to three accelerator programs—Newchip and Foundersboost, Google for Startups, and Amazon for Startups—which have shown their belief in Isaac’s ingenuity by providing $700,000 worth of credit for the innovation and infrastructure projects he’s currently working on.


While technology is his specialty, Isaac is innovative in many other areas as well. In fact, he credits most of his success to persistence, focus, and resilience. “I love the challenge of creating something out of nothing, and when I see problems, I look for a variety of ways to solve them,” Isaac says. “When I can help people solve their day-to-day problems by using technology, it gives me a lot of fulfillment.”


In addition to his 14 years of technological innovations and global business experience, Isaac holds a degree in computer science and a diploma in management information systems and has authored a copyrighted curriculum in cybercrime management. He is also the founder and current chairman of the board at Ponapal Inc., an on-demand health care platform based in Georgia.



Isaac Muthui

Founder and Chairman

Playmefy Inc.