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Italo Bruno

With over 21 years of in-depth experience in the finance industry as well as an abundance of energy and drive, Italo Bruno serves as president and broker of Max Capital Financial, a franchisee of Mortgage Centre Canada, one of Canada’s most established brokerage networks. With access to over 50 lenders, the firm handles loans ranging from $250,000 to $100 million, with more than $1 billion in available capital, the firm provides commercial mortgage brokering and commercial financing services. Max Capital also has access to broker-only mortgage lenders who offer rates and features that clients may not otherwise be able to access. With an array of funding resources, Italo leads a team of mortgage specialists who assist clients in making well-informed decisions regarding their mortgage financing options and work hard to provide all the information necessary to help clients achieve their goals. Through Max Capital’s Business Advisory Group, the company also offers business restructuring and consulting services.


“Our aim is to help our clients get access to the most suitable terms and to the best rates possible on all kinds of commercial, first mortgages, second mortgages, refinancing, construction, land financing, mezzanine financing, and commercial bridge loans,” says Italo. “Sometimes when people have been turned down elsewhere, they have come to us because they know we will find ways to get them access to mortgage options and approvals.”


Founded in February 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta, Max Capital has experienced astounding growth in just its first 18 months. To serve the increasing demand from clients—and in the year of a global pandemic—the firm is opening a second location in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, Max Capital has been working with developers on purpose-built rental buildings in the $50 million to $75 million range. Given Italo’s widespread reputation as one of Edmonton's original automotive credit rebuilders and as a successful entrepreneur and a financing expert, that his firm is thriving likely comes as no surprise to the hundreds of clients he’s served over the decades.


Italo leads Max Capital with uncommonly broad experience as an accredited master home builder who owned and operated a master home building business and started, built, and sold a thriving finance company. He understands the importance of his team staying abreast of current market trends, rates, and regulations to provide their clients sound, practical guidance. He also holds the expertise and resources to provide commercial mortgage and finance lending solutions that fit the unique and wide-ranging financial lifestyles and goals of his clients.


“Using our exclusive Mortgage Market technology, we're able to factor in several options and financial variables to search for the mortgage and financing that's exactly right for each commercial client,” Italo says. “We take expert care of the financing details for our clients with their best interests in mind. We shop mortgage options through leading Canadian financial institutions that have been trusted for generations.”


Throughout Italo’s career, the single driving force has been the people he serves. The same work ethic and commitment to his clients that drove him to become a household name as an automotive credit rebuilder two decades ago still drives him today. “I’m very passionate and committed to what I do. I started Max Capital Financial because I want to grow a team of dedicated commercial mortgage and finance experts to serve our clients the way I think they should be served,” he says. And that is exactly what Italo is doing, every single day.





Italo Bruno

President and Broker

Max Capital Financial

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Facebook: Max Capital Financial Inc.

Twitter: Max Capital Financial INC

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