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Ivan Barratt

Ivan Barratt is a multifamily owner, manager, and syndicator who specializes in large apartment communities throughout the Midwest. In 2010, he founded The BAM Companies, a best-in-class, vertically integrated asset and property management firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Consisting of BAM Capital, BAM Management, and BAM Construction, The BAM Companies specialize in the acquisition and management of multifamily apartment communities, and offer a vast array of real estate services that draw upon the strengths and knowledge of their employees and market expertise to achieve maximum benefit for investors as well as community residents.


Today, Ivan focuses his time on equity finance, acquisitions, and company strategy as the firm has swelled to over $650 million in total assets under management. Due to their astonishing growth, The BAM Companies have been listed among the Inc. 5000 for four consecutive years and recognized as one of the state’s fastest-growing companies by the Indiana Business Journal. As an industry leader, the firm was also featured on the Fox business segment of Trending Today.


The Top 100 Magazine recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ivan to learn more about his impressive career journey and his remarkable leadership of The BAM Companies.


Let’s start at the beginning. How did you first get into real estate?


Before joining the real estate workforce, I went to business school and got a degree in business and finance. Shortly after, I managed to get my foot in the door with my first mentor by saying that I’d work for free just to gain experience.


What made you decide to establish your own firm?


I’ve always had the passion to be an entrepreneur, and I dreamed of growing an organization that would outlive me, so once I entered the workforce, I quickly developed a burning desire to create and grow a large real estate company.


How did The BAM Companies get their start?


I started out as a one-man show with a few rental properties and a property management firm that assisted small landlords. This experience enabled me to scale a company by utilizing what I’d learned doing property management for others. It allowed me to grow a team, expand, and eventually do my own deals. I’m thankful to be rooted in property management because that’s how we deliver superior returns today—with boots on the ground. The BAM Companies are democratizing real estate for individual investors, and our mission is to provide superior returns and client loyalty so that we can continue to scale that mission.

What sets you apart from other real estate firms?

A lot of companies our size go to Wall Street or to larger firms because they’re investors. However, I decided to go in a different direction by focusing on individual investors and creating a platform where they can invest directly into these assets. This is what we refer to as “democratizing” real estate. In the past, we’ve delivered 20% on returns, and we manage every facet of the assets of the communities we own on behalf of nearly 600 families that invest alongside us. When I use the term “platform,” I’m referring to the “machine” we’ve built with our own people, systems, and technology. Through BAM Capital, BAM Management, and BAM Construction, our investors can work directly with us rather than going through an intermediary.


What types of clients do you typically serve?


We serve clients from four states with BAM Management. However, for BAM Capital, we have partners in over thirty-seven states, and they come from all sorts of backgrounds. However, the one common thread is that they’re all busy families and individuals who want to own real estate due to the advantages but who don’t want to deal with the “tenants and the toilets,” if you will. So, The BAM Companies handle all of that as their partner, and clients reap the benefit of having it in their portfolios without dealing with the headache. This is a growing trend in the industry.


Describe your company’s culture. What is it like to work at The BAM Companies? 

When I started The BAM Companies, I set out to build a culture in the management industry where people would want to work. We place a lot of value on our culture, which we call our “BAM Fam.”  In fact, we actually place employees higher than our community residents. Of course, we want residents to have a great experience, but we focus more on the people who make our company work like a well-oiled machine, which, in turn, leads to superior service for our investors, clients, and residents. I’ve put very talented men and women in charge of our company culture, and they have done an exceptional job.

What drives you?

I’m driven every day by the firm’s long-term vision and strategy.


What does the future look like for The BAM Companies?


I plan to continue running the company with our core values in mind and maintaining the culture while scaling up. We’re going to be a multibillion-dollar company one day, stewarding billions in capital for families across the country—and, hopefully, around the globe.


In addition to his role as CEO of The BAM Companies, Ivan sits on the board of directors for the Indiana Apartments Association and is an active member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO). 



Ivan Barratt

Founder and CEO

The BAM Companies

Website: https://thebamcompanies.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BAMCapitalGroup

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bamcapitalgroup

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thebamcompanies  

YouTube: https://bit.ly/BAMCapitalYouTube

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