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Izabela Kaufman

Founder, Hotlets.com

Izabela Kaufman likes to think that entrepreneurship has always been her calling.  Born in Poland, she grew up with very humble beginnings, but always aspired to do something important with her life.  She pursued an advanced education – earning several degrees, worked for the United Nations and eventually moved to the United States gaining hands-on experience in project management, real estate and finance.  Today, she is a successful entrepreneur and devoted humanitarian.

Izabela graduated from Krakow University with a B.A. in international relations and also earned a B.A. in Middle Eastern studies and law from the University of London.  She continued her education at Harvard School of Business studying entrepreneurship, business analytics, economics and financial accounting, and also received an advanced certificate in entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of Business.

During college she worked as an apprentice at the United Nations Information Center in Warsaw and explains how the job had a profound impact on her life, “My most character shaping experience was an internship position at the United Nations in Warsaw. That role steered me towards my current humanitarian and charitable affiliations.”

After moving to the United States and settling in Florida, Izabela worked as a project manager and a growth hacker, gaining the skills that she would later put to use to build her own company.  She adds, “In terms of professional development, one of the most challenging roles I have taken on was building a boutique real estate company from the ground up. In that role I handled acquisition, investment, construction and management for hundreds of multifamily units. That role laid the foundation and the vision for Hotlets.com.”

Izabela’s newest business venture is a company named Hotlets.com. Hotlets.com helps homeowners sell their property with a click of a button. Referred to as the “Amazon for Real Estate”- the business was created to redefine the home sales industry.  It is designed to provide a simplified experience for selling and buying homes and homes can be bought and sold with a click of a button. Izabela adds, “For sellers, we aim to offer fair market value based on deep dive analytics. For buyers, we offer a simplified experience and a hassle-free transaction. Our priority is to pass savings into the buyers and sellers”

As the founder of the business, she explains, “My responsibilities primarily focus on leading a technical team and developing the product that allows for a more simplified property purchase and sale experience. This is a very hands-on role, which allows me to lead a lean and agile approach to the product development and implementation.”

Izabela also has a deep focus on community and charity efforts.  She is grateful for the opportunities that she was given in the U.S. and is an active member of the Rotary Club, a Paul Harris Fellow and also volunteers her time with Habitat for Humanity and other relief organizations.

Izabela Kaufman

Founder, Hotlets

www. Hotlets.com

1314 E Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301




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