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Jacqueline appears in the Top 100

People in Finance magazine.

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Jacqueline Garol

Jacqueline Garol joined Edward Jones in 2010 as a financial advisor driven by the desire to make a difference in people’s lives—and her unwavering commitment to do so has set her clients, her community, and her career on an upward trajectory. In 2019, as the leader of her own office in Reno, Nevada, Jacqueline was named a limited partner of the firm. The combination of her experience gained from 15 years in the field and her team’s dedication to those they serve have culminated in a host of client service excellence awards and honors.  Jacqueline’s intrinsic reward is in giving back to the firm, and in helping new financial advisors as a mentor, field trainer, hiring team member, and host office for new financial advisors. But underlying it all is the profound responsibility she feels to her clients.

Jacqueline provides financial solutions for a select group of families, retirees, corporate executives, business owners, and nonprofit organizations across the nation, often collaborating with their attorneys, CPAs, spouses, and other parties. “My guidance is tailored to support our client’s current lifestyle, retirement income needs, and legacy goals, while making each client feel comfortable along the journey.The north star for us is on guiding them to achieve their long-term financial objectives with transparency and a disciplined investment process.”

Jacqueline runs her office with two administrators and, of course, the support of the entire Edward Jones team of 5,000 professionals.  “In a digital world we can stay connected while keeping it personal.  Each client talks to me or my administrators, Sarah and Heather.  When clients call, they talk to somebody they know.  No 1-800 numbers. No pressing 1-2-3 to get through. Just a friendly, familiar voice ready to assist.”


Jacqueline and her branch office administrators work together seamlessly to serve their clients, making sure everyone knows what’s going on in their lives. “If someone’s about to be a grandparent, we discuss their goals—do they want to include their grandchildren in their financial plans?  It also lets us celebrate with them. They’re excited, we’re excited, and we want to cheer those special life moments with them as well as ensure their financial successes.”


An analytic by nature, Jacqueline revels in the challenge of developing high net-worth strategies for multigenerational families and businesses. “You’ve got not only the business owners and their financial wellbeing, but considerations about the longevity of the business plan.  Depending on the owner’s retirement plan—selling, handing it down, or breathing/living it because it’s their passion—the elements need to align. Whatever is important for the client is important for us to know so that we can partner with them to act in their best interests in accord with their wishes.”


Jacqueline’s passion for helping people is equal only to her love of numbers and examining the myriad elements that play a role in adding value to her clients’ lives. “I’m a puzzle master, and I have to put the different pieces of the puzzle together and know what financial spigots to turn on at the correct time—whether social security or pension or another revenue source.” While she’s focused professionally on helping them reach their goals, she’s also emotionally invested in their success. “I understand what’s going on in their lives, what’s important to them, and I’m able to personalize strategies for them based on what they care most about, and the legacy they hope to leave.”


Despite the litany of industry and business awards that would be the envy of most business leaders, it is the accolades from her clients that she holds most dear—with overwhelmingly positive ratings for experience and satisfaction that have set Jacqueline’s office in the firm’s top percentages. “I know I have done my job well when I am welcomed into my clients’ lives as if I were family.”    



Jacqueline Garol

Financial Advisor — Edward Jones


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