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Jacqueline Griffith Crowley

Meet Jacqueline, the 37-year-old business manager behind some of Minnesota’s wealthiest families. Her firm, Sifwell, coordinates everything from taxes and trusts to bill-pay and bookkeeping. Before Sifwell, she was a chief of staff, an investment advisor, and a private banker. In each role, she connected the dots for her clients to make order of their complex financial lives. 

Jacqueline’s clients turn to her to handle day-to-day financial tasks and to correspond with their investment managers, bankers, lawyers, accountants, and staff. 

Sifwell offers an initial financial health check-up, which confirms what clients are doing well, and offers ideas that they may have not yet considered. “Clients want to know if they are spending within their budget, but also if they are taking advantage of things that other families in their wealth bracket are. In that respect, we end up providing a mix of ‘high-low ideas’ about how to manage money,” Jacqueline explains.

"This business is deeply personal. We are confidants to our clients and stewards for their wealth," says Jacqueline. Sifwell checks that every account and every obligation and every entity is well run; they field concerns large and small. At Sifwell, they believe solid capital management bears fruit for your family.

Jacqueline holds a BA from Northwestern University, an MA from New York University, and a Mountbatten Certificate from Cambridge University. She was named one of the 2018 Women to Know by the MSP Business Journal and received the 2019 Ideation Award. She is a managing principal of Stromhaus Group, her family-owned business. Jacqueline serves on the investment committee of Purple Arch Ventures, a Chicago-based venture capital fund. She also serves as finance chair of Still Kickin, a Minneapolis non-profit.




Jacqueline Griffith Crowley

Managing Director

Sifwell Capital Management

website: www.sifwell.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jacqueline-griffith-crowley

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