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Jaime Figarola

Jaime Figarola has spent nearly three decades in international banking, in a career that took him from JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, where he was a perennial Chairman’s Club and Falcon Club member, to DLJ/CSFB, creating asset allocation models, gathering assets for new business and structure, and establishing investment/hedge funds. Today, as the founder and managing director of Terret Group, LLC, he leads a firm that helps ultra-high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and businesses structure their investment vehicles around the world. “We’re basically the financial engineer to our clients, and we work hard in trying to achieve their financial planning objectives, whichever they may be,” he explains. “There are many moving parts and levels in this process, so knowing how and where to structure goes a long way in simplifying their lives.”

This is precisely what Terret Group has done since 2016, with a holistic approach to assist with all aspects of structuring, including setting up treasury management, auditing, and regulatory systems with industry specialist. The firm also assists in generational planning to ensure assets are passed on responsibility to future generations. “Throughout my career, I’ve found that at times the transfer of wealth can be confusing,” Jaime shares. “Creating a roadmap to help these families maintain and protect their wealth, guide them through investment structures and plans that gives them the freedom to enjoy life knowing their assets are safe, this is what I enjoy most."

Jaime holds a business degree from MDC College and has held multiple securities licenses during his career.


Jaime Figarola

Founder & Managing Director — Terret Group, LLC

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