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Jaimine Johnson

Jaimine Johnson describes her career as “blessed” and given the level of esteem she has earned from Donald R. Kenney & Co. Realty (DRK), and the achievements she has made in the industry, her feelings are certainly understandable. In fact, Jaimine did such incredible work for DRK, they hired her twice!


DRK is a commercial real estate company with 50 years of experience in all aspects of the industry, including asset management, sales, and leasing of all manner of commercial property in central Ohio. Jaimine first joined them in 2007 and worked hard to show her skills and entrepreneurial spirit. As she gained experience and market exposure, of course the offers came rolling in and in 2015, she accepted a position as senior vice president—corporate real estate manager for Huntington Bank. After a merger took place, Jaimine was approached by Colliers International to lead in developing a health care division in 2016-2018. Still, Jaimine had made an indelible mark on DRK— and they on her. In 2018, DRK approached Jaimine with a possible return to the organization and she did not need to think twice. “I liked what I was doing at Colliers but DRK felt like my home, so I returned and assumed my previous role.” Just a year later, DRK named her their Top Leasing and Sales Agent. Jaimine recalls, “It was so much more than just an affinity for my job that brought me back—it was the people. Don Kenney, founder, Fran Meyers, president, and Tre Giller, our CEO, were my greatest mentors. I enjoy learning from them all daily. It’s a family business with a corporate appeal, which is beautiful,” she shares.


Now, as director of operations in asset management, leasing, and sales, Jaimine develops and implements long-term strategies for the commercial asset division, handling office, industrial, medical, and retail properties. With skills in operations, asset management, leasing, sales, due diligence, finance, construction, and marketing, she seamlessly manages her portfolio, which includes more than three million square feet of real estate in the form of 65 listings in Central Ohio. The twist of the pandemic certainly brought strength in her expertise and Jaimine has weathered the trials with a great victory.


For Jaimine, the best part of her job is the melding all of her skills with the personal connections. “I love the strategy of the deal,” she says. “I also love the clients and helping them find their way by listening to their wants, needs, and putting it all together to help them reach their goals.” Jaimine states adamantly that she could never prevail without her amazing team, whose tireless efforts help everyone to understand and implement goals.


Jaimine Johnson

Director of Asset Management, Leasing & Sales — DRK & Co Realty

Website: www.drk-realty.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaimineljohnson