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Jake Hadlock

In the midst of a successful career in product development and marketing for dietary supplement companies, including VP of marketing for Tavala, Jake Hadlock, along with his brother Brandon, noticed that new businesses were struggling to get a foothold in the marketplace because of the high minimum quantity requirements of manufacturers. Determined to level the playing field, in 2019, they launched Nutriient, a contract manufacturer/copacker that also caters to small, startup companies. Located in Lindon, Utah, the company specializes in dietary supplements, beauty, and personal care products with low minimum order quantities (MOQ). While they serve local, global, and large companies, Jake and Brandon are champions of small enterprises. It shows in their genuine care for each customer they serve and each project they're entrusted with. It shows through Nutriient's fast turnaround times, responsive communication, and commitment to delivering quality products on time and on budget. And it shows in the gratitude from their over 100 clients, for whom the work of Nutriient has equated to over $20 million in product sales in 2021 alone.  “I’ve experienced working for a large company, but I really wanted to work on meaningful projects where I can make a noticeable difference every day,” Jake shares.

Nutriient helps companies formulate, manufacture, fill, and package liquid and powder products, serving as a one-stop shop for R&D, production, warehousing, and fulfillment, with specialties such as affordable stick pack production and R&D, including formulation and flavoring. Their team of researchers, developers, and operators can take a product idea from concept to reality, or work with an existing formula for production. “Having been on the brand side, we’ve experienced the pain of having to coordinate with multiple vendors, getting everyone to deliver on a common goal,” he states. “We solve that issue, which really differentiates our company from others that only do the contract manufacturing.” Behind each solution is Jake’s knowledge, insight, and experience from a career that took him from the business side to the manufacturing floor, from marketing to sales roles. Underlying it all is his desire to support everyone he serves. “What drives me is building a really great company for not only our customers but our employees as well,” he says.

Jake Hadlock

Founder & CEO — Nutriient LLC

Website: www.nutriient.biz

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/jake-hadlock