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James Fabbi


Before co-founding nformal Inc., in 2021, James Fabbi honed his skills and gained valuable experience by working at a number of consulting positions at Accenture. In 2009, he joined Nakisa, an international software startup, as developing manager and quickly rose through the ranks to a VP position, overseeing services, Field Operations, and supporting global teams with a focus on Asia (Australia, Singapore, and Japan). He eventually moved on to Hybris, the first German unicorn company that was then acquired by SAP, where he became a global commerce services leader, managing over 300 professionals in every continent.


Armed with a vast array of knowledge and business acumen, James launched nformal, a technology consulting organization, with the intent of bringing professional informality into the industry. “I believe the missing piece in business is the human connection and that is what nformal brings,” he says. “We build relationships from the beginning and bring technology competency with a more positive experience.”


James focuses on the “how” side of the business, ensuring the company maintains a personal, informal relationship with all clients, including eightfold.Ai, with whom they have a global partnership. He is also intent on fostering that same relaxed atmosphere with their employees, all senior-level professionals who bring immense talent, experience, and insight to their roles. Since its launch, nformal continues to grow and expand their global aspect in both North America and Europe—in 2022 they have opened a second location in Barcelona, to cover the growing European market.



James Fabbi

President — NFormal Inc.



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