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James K. O'Donnell, Esq.

With a prior background in law and politics, Jim O’Donnell brings a unique skill set to his role as the president of Equity National Title.

Equity National Title has been in business for 30 years and is a national title company that works with homeowners, lenders, and realtors throughout the country, assisting with title research for purchases, refinances, home equity loans, and residential and commercial real estate. Jim has been with the company for over 28 years and as president, he oversees the business, leads the senior team, and focuses most of his time on business development, risk management, and compliance.

Jim explains that he manages and develops “customer inspired innovation” strategies for the business. He adds, “I basically spend time with customers to learn about and discuss any problems they may be experiencing in the business.  I come in as an empathetic partner to hear their concerns and really understand them.  From there, we can develop the best solutions to address the challenges they may be experiencing.” 


As a result of his productive conversations with clients, Jim’s team has developed unique solutions to several issues. One strategy they developed is called “Disclosure Dispatch” and it was created to address the poor pull-through rate for lenders sending their disclosure packages by mail or FedEx. Noticing that almost half of those packages fail to be returned, ODonnell’s team devised a process whereby their network or closing professionals were scheduled to meet with the borrowers and retrieve their packages; a ‘white glove’ service experience, which led to higher pull-through rates, faster processing turn times, and higher borrower satisfaction. “We’ve not just been able to eliminate a pain point but also point our lender to business they would never have had. It’s a win-win-win innovation.”

Another solution that they developed focused on the inconsistencies of the e-closing space.  His team built a database that was able to identify at zip code levels, what type of e-closing could be achieved, which helps lenders make e-closing decisions at the application stage and guide their internal processes and customer communication. This system is now known as “eWays.” Today, clients that utilize the eWays tool have a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Jim adds, “We love to develop new and innovative ways to serve our clients. We are a traditional business; however, we do much more than process transactions. We create competitive advantages for our customers.” Under his leadership, the team at Equity National Title is constantly ahead of trends in the industry and uses the latest technological innovations to enhance their customer experience. As a result, they are a leader in their industry.

Prior to his role at Equity National Title, Jim worked in local politics in Providence, Rhode Island.  Jim feels that these prior roles gave him a great foundation and adds, “Politics is all about relationships and so is this business.”

James K. O’Donnell, Esq.


Equity National Title


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