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James V. Snider, PhD


James appears in the Top 100 

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James V. Snider, PhD


James Snider has spent the last three decades doing big things in the fields of biochemistry and IVD. His niche, as he puts it, is “conducting the business of science, everything from discover to commercialization.” After receiving his PhD from the University of South Carolina, he continued his scholarly pursuits at the National Cancer Institute, where he studied biological response modifiers and cytokines. He’s been in the lab, has managed R&D programs and clinical studies, developed product lines, and brought regulated products to market. He helped launch real-time PCR technology, developed nucleic acid testing assays for pathogen identification in respiratory infections, and, as the president of Critical Care Diagnostics, Inc. over the last 17 years, he’s been integral in bringing cardiac biomarker test products to market that help improve how heart failure patients are managed. As a founding member of the CCD management team, he has guided the development, production, and regulatory approval of the company’s products.

CCD has an extensive patent portfolio of 16 patent families and has produced a portfolio of IVD products that measure the level of the protein ST2 in the blood. ST2 levels indicate the state and severity of heart disease, without being adversely affected by typical confounders. “ST2 provides the physician with an objective tool to assess the patient’s immediate status, and, if tested at patient follow up visits, it can be used to monitor treatment efficacy and inform whether appropriate adjustments are necessary,” James explains. “We’re changing medicine and improving patient care.”

James V. Snider, PhD

President — Critical Care Diagnostics, Inc.



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