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Jamon R. Hicks

A respected civil rights and criminal defense attorney, Jamon R. Hicks represents plaintiffs in both state and federal courts. He not only holds extensive experience in civil litigation involving wrongful death, personal injury, and police misconduct, but he has also litigated numerous felony and misdemeanor criminal cases. As a founding partner at Douglas/Hicks Law, APC, Jamon finds gratification in doing what he loves: fulfilling his life-long passion of working on behalf of those who are unable to defend and/or protect themselves.  

Founded in 2014, by Carl Douglas and Jamon, Douglas/Hicks Law is a California-based firm that specializes in representing victims of personal injury and wrongful death as well as those who have had their civil rights violated. While Carl’s primary focus is on civil rights and wrongful death cases, Jamon and another attorney run the employment practice group. The firm’s legal team consists of four attorneys who serve clients throughout California as well as a few other states such as New York and Florida. Together, their mission is to “help people rebuild their lives financially and emotionally.” 

Jamon explains, “We do impact litigation, which affects change, and it is a great feeling to lead our clients toward success and recovery.” He also notes that it is especially satisfying when one of their cases results in a positive change for other employees. 

As a founding partner at Douglas/Hicks Law, Jamon’s areas of expertise are wrongful deaths, serious personal injury cases, employment discrimination cases, and some criminal defense. Although he has always specialized in most of these areas, he did not begin practicing employment law until recently. However, he has been working in the other areas of law since 2004. 

According to Jamon, the highlight of his career thus far has been the case of Matthew Ngov, who was charged with murder due to a gang-related drive-by shooting. Although the shooting occurred in 2011, there were four separate trials on the case. The first trial resulted in a hung jury, and in the second Ngov was sentenced to 55 years to life, which was overturned on appeal. Jamon’s firm came in on the third trial, which resulted in another hung jury, but in the fourth trial, Ngov finally received a verdict of not guilty. Jamon strongly believes that Ngov was only guilty by association because the defendant was not in the car, nor was he the shooter. It was a long-fought battle that was challenging, mentally draining, and that required Jamon to be on the case nonstop. Nevertheless, he says it was worth all the hard work because he succeeded in getting a verdict of not guilty for a man whom he truly believed to be innocent. 

Jamon also holds an interesting background. Prior founding Douglas/Hicks Law, he earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of California at Berkley and his Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. In his last year of law school, Jamon served as an intern for his current partner, Carl, before moving on to become Carl’s law clerk during his second and third years of school. After passing the bar, Jamon then worked as Carl’s associate for six years, moving up from an associate to a senior associate with the Johnnie Cochran Firm in Los Angeles where Carl served as managing partner. In 2014, Jamon left the Johnny Cochran Firm to go back to work with Carl, and that is when they decided to establish their partnership, Douglas/Hicks Law.

Due to his success as an attorney, Jamon has received numerous awards and recognitions. For instance, he has been selected by Super Lawyers Magazine as a rising star and has also been named a Super Lawyer, both for seven consecutive years. He has also been included in the Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 40 Under 40 and, in 2009, he was the youngest African American president of the John Langston Bar Association. Jamon was also the youngest president ever elected to the California Association of Black Lawyers and was listed among the National Bar Association’s Top 40 Under 40.


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