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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Jared Penner

Jared Penner is co-founder and CEO of ISM Sales Group, a unique full-service sales and marketing firm based in British Columbia, Canada. An innovative entrepreneur with a passion for helping people, Jared leads only one of three companies in the world in this space—and the only one of its kind in Canada. Under his direction, ISM Sales Group provides a complete package of solutions, from sales and marketing strategies to deal execution to branding and coaching, all designed to help businesses succeed.

Jared launched ISM Sales Group in 2015 as the brainchild born from the culmination of nearly a decade of experience in business, B2B sales, marketing, and project management. He and his team of experts specialize in the entire suite of end-to-end services. In addition to designing sales strategies and identifying target markets, the ISM sales team approaches the clients’ customers on their behalf and closes deals. They also offer a full marketing and branding package. ISM Sales Group works primarily with manufacturers, food processors, and service companies ranging from $2 million to $50 million in annual revenue, most often family-owned businesses, long-standing firms whose sales have plateaued, or companies that are successful in spite of themselves, having relied on customers approaching them. “The idea was to have a combined sales and marketing company to serve a variety of clients and industries, but we wanted to be the whole package,” Jared says.

The idea for ISM Sales Group came as an outcropping of a benevolent endeavor. After a successful career that included roles as editorial coordinator for Disney Interactive Studios, product advisor for Toyota, and business development manager at a health and safety not-for-profit, Jared and his co-founder, Chris, launched a not-for-profit organization of their own. After leading it to great heights, companies began to approach them asking if they could do the same for them. “We’re strong Christian believers and believed God was calling us to start our own company to give back,” Jared says.

ISM Sales Group has experienced tremendous growth since its inception just five years ago. In the first six months, the staff swelled to 25 employees across three offices, which Jared attributes to “a lot of hard work and hustle” and the value he places on relationships. “I used to call myself the chairman because I would go in at 4 a.m. and literally assemble chairs for new staff coming in,” he says. “What I have done with the company has all been accomplished through relationships, and I surround myself with people who are smarter than I am.” After four years of rapid growth, Jared scaled back the company to a 10-person team.

Though ISM Group is a for-profit business, Jared leads the company guided by his Christian values, giving employees one day a month off to participate in charities of their choice, offering support through life events, and celebrating birthdays. They welcome all faiths, have a company chaplain, and are open to prayer as part of the workday.


Jared Penner

Co-Founder/CEO — ISM Sales Group

Facebook: ISM Sales Group

LinkedIn: Jared Penner

Instagram: ISMSalesGroup

YouTube: ISM Sales Group

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